Seems’ Inspirations – 69



Soul-Search 92

ایک مدت میں خموشی سے رہا محوِ کلام
تب کہیں جا کے یہ لفظوں میں معانی آئے

Classics – 94

تین کونوں سے نکلتے ہیں گُھٹن خوف سکوت

….. میں سِرکتا ہوا چوتھے میں دبک جاتا ہوں

Umair’s Tagline – 366

اُن کو آتا ہے پیار پر غُصہ

ہم کو غُصّے پہ پیار آتا ہے

Dialogue – 187 (The reality of a person…)

“Does power corrupt..?
As they say, ‘power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely’…”

“No.. Power just brings out what is in us… 🙂 ”

“Why it is with power only…?”

“It is not with power only. It is with each and every thing…”


“Like, sports, workplace, family…. Everywhere…. It’s the quality of decisions that matters… Rest in just the scale and extent of situations…. And, the effects are proportional… A selfish decision in two friends and a selfish decision between two ‘friendly’ countries are similar in spirit and essence; their effects are different due to difference in scale and magnitude of the situations…. However, power has something unique….”

“And that is…?”

“With power comes authority… Authority, when exercised, brings out the real personality very quickly….”

“And how is that observable…?”

“If you want to see the reality of a person, give him power and authority… 🙂 … He’d not waste much time to reveal his true self….”

“So, we have to be cautious with such people…!”

“More than that, we have to be cautious with ourselves… We are empowered in some way or the other… We’ve to keep looking, how good or bad are we with our power and authority…”

“Means, the power and authority is a test….!!”

“You’re adorable…!! You got it in ten lines of conversation… People don’t get to understand it in their lifetimes….”

Let’s make a difference today – 17

Plant a sapling.

Omer Jamal’s Photography – 93