If safar acha laga, ik ham-safar acha laga…

Guftago achi lagi

zoq-e-nazar acha laga,

mudaton k baad koi humsafar acha laga..

Zindagi ki bey sar-o-samaaniyon kay bawajood,

aaj tu aaya to mujh ko apna ghar acha laga..

Manzilon ki baat choro,

kis ne paaien manzlein,

ek safar acha lga,

ek humsfar acha laga

(from nazimspoetry.blogspot.com)

Soorah Al Asr – Another Explanation…


At Lower Topa (on first day of The Kuldana Picnic)

Two Brothers


Sqn Ldr Shabbir Ishtiaq Shaheed

SL Shabbir Ishtiaq


(Wish I could make a “Rang de Basanti” on your life some day…..)

Respect and honour…

(from a social point of view) Everything in this world is about respect and honour.

If one feels his respect and honour are being targeted, his performance goes down.

If one gets convinced that his respect and honour will not be shattered, he does good.

If one’s respect and honour are upheld and elevated, he does wonders.

Believe me: Each one of us is capable of doing wonders.

All the good things, relations and achievements start from respect……be it self respect or others’ respect.