A beautiful poem on Sabr






(shared by Flt Lt Rizwan Ashraf)


2 thoughts on “A beautiful poem on Sabr

  1. Absolutely the definition of SABR , as done and elaborated by IQBAL, can never be better done. But we as nation interpret SABR mostly contrary to this.We call it cowardice , lack of confidence and sometimes portray the person timid and weak.The thin line demarking SABR and uncertainty is often missed by most of us .We have long heard that , he , who stands up in anger , sits down with a loss. So the roller-coaster sort of enthiusiasm on anyone’s behalf can not equal a sustainably peaceful patience , that has an AZM muffelled in. SABR is tranquality, but activity inside .Not showing but keep going , never stopping , thinking positive and keep working, then prayers come true. Beautiful poetry , exalted thought ! Thank you so very much for such an enriching present.

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