Mentors… [har lafz kitaabon mein tera aks liye hai….]

PPSS Faculty

Air Cdre Fareed Ali Shah – Commandant

Air Cdre Bilal – Commandant

Air Cdre Imtiaz Hyder – Commandant

AVM Raja Aftab – Commandant

Mr Moujood Khan – Principal

Sqn Ldr Farrukh H Khatlani – College Admin Officer

Flt Lt Nisar A K Mughal – Bursar

Flt Lt Ejaz – Supply Officer

Flt Lt Sultan – Supply Officer

Flg Off Usman Ghani – Adjutant

Flt Lt Abrar Asif – Adjutant

Sir Afzal – Physics

Sir Muhammad Tahir – Pak Studies

Sir Mushtaq Hussain – Maths

Sir S M K Naqvi – English

Sir Zaki – Physics

Sir Zafar S K Durrani – Physics

Sir Abdul Latif Noonari – English

Sir Ishtiaq – English

Madam Abida Parveen – Biology

Sir Hafiz Abdur Rehman – Islamiat

Madam Shamila Syed – English

Sir Mehboob Sabir – Urdu

Sir Amjad Khan – Maths

Sir Shahid – Physics

Sir Shoukat – Pak Studies

Sir Abdul Naeem Khan – Geography / Pak Studies

Sir Anwar Ch – Urdu

Sir Pervaiz Akhtar – Chemistry

Sir Saeed H Syed – Maths

Sir Arif Mobeen – Maths

Sir Khaslat Abbass – Urdu

Madam Azra Malik – English

Madam Raheela Lodhi – English

Madam Amra Zafar – English

Madam Sofia – Chemistry

Sir Ghulam Shabbir – Physics / IT

Sir Ahmad Salman – Islamiat

Sir Najmuddin – Chemistry

Sir Tahir Sarfraz – Chemistry

Sir Mir Wali – Physics

Sir Abdur Rehman Jami – Maths

Sir Ghulam Akbar Shah Bukhari – Urdu

Sir Imtiaz Hussain Taj – English

Sir Asif Niaz – Maths

Sir Idrees Patni – Islamiat

Sir Shahzad – Pak Studies

Sir Asif Ali – Urdu

Sir Javed Aziz – Physics

Sir Shahid Hafeez – Biology

Sir Adil – Chemistry


One thought on “Mentors… [har lafz kitaabon mein tera aks liye hai….]

  1. memorable , MashaAllah ! thanks to these diamond carvers too … are a shady giving tree today , that suppords with its trunk , covers under the shade , hides life’s ugliness in its branches , serves the hunger of others , around , with its fruit , resists the the rude winds, fights the storms and keep the ground with its enormous roots.After abbou jan you are in his place.Salaamat rahain !ameen

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    > Umer posted: “”

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