Quetta Mode… :)


The Team


At Hanna Lake

[Quetta Mode is amongst most sweetest of dreams, most treasured of memories and most valuable of times – something that can only be experienced in the beautiful city of Quetta, with the special Team’s members 🙂 …………Thank you Southern Command, FC SOW / Ghazaband & Pishin Scouts (Prangans)……. Thank you 10 Baloch, 13 Lancers, 26 Sind, 329 Brigade, 73 Punjab…. Thank you Quetta, for all the magnificence you carry……. Thank you people of Quetta, for all the love, affection and hospitality that would always be entrenched in our hearts…… A Biggggg and Spppppecial thank you to Business Community, LEAs and City Administration for making the city safe and well-managed…. From Koh e Meher-daar (otherwise called Koh e Murdaar), Taka-tu, Zarghoon, Chiltan to PAF Base Samungli….. From Prince Road to Flora…. From Mir Afzal to Three Musketeers…… From Ziarat to Shila Bagh…… From Hanna Urak to Kharan…. From Saryaab Road to Cafe China…. From Gosha-e-Adab to Mr Hashim Nadeem’s wonderful company at PTV Quetta… From Yaaroo to Kharotabad…. From Aalmoo Chowk to Askari Park….. From Serena to Usmania… From Quetta Club (Roush) to Staff College (Pizza & Coffee)…… From Balochi Academy (Sir Abdul Wahid Bandeeg) to Shahbaz Town (Aurangzeb Badini’s place)… From Agha Siraj Complex to Daud Plaza….. From Roosi Gali to Meezan Chowk…… From Liaquat Bazaar to Shah Plaza… From Kasi Qila to Marri-Abad….. and,

From Bolan Market (Power-shake) to Chiltan Market (Ice cream scoups)….. 😉

From PIA (Islamabad to Quetta) to PIA (Quetta to Islamabad)…. 🙂 here, I must thank you Lt Cdr Naeem and PIA….

Each day, hour and minute was a lifetime of joy, memories and gratitude to this wonderful city…..

Bless you….]


One thought on “Quetta Mode… :)

  1. MashAllah mera babbar sher baraaaa pyaraa lag raha he …….Allah ki amaan main rahain Sir ji , when you have time plz. tell me about Taka-tu zarghoon and goshae-adab ….rest sounds like a beautiful slideshow , ( i’m very good at imagining things☺ ) and right now I’m very excited about all this . stay cherishing great memories.

    On Mon, Nov 23, 2015 at 1:31 PM, Madd o Jazar wrote:

    > Umer posted: “”

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