Wo aakhir dekhtay kiya hein…!?

People have always asked (and will keep on asking) this question.

Those in civvies ask this out of either curiosity or regret. Fellows in wardee ask this out of astonishment or, may be guilt…. 🙂

“Aakhir wo ISSB kay doran banday mein kiya dekhtay hein..?”

I won’t answer this question right away.

However, based on experience, may I list down a checklist for prospective candidates as they prepare themselves to come over for tests, and as they are puzzled (read misled) by a host of training centers, books and coaching / briefing sessions by ‘specialists’…..

(This holds good for ISSB, FPSC or any other personality testing scenarios, and as such forms a checklist for any thing and every thing in life…)


1. Follow the selector’s instructions very thoroughly and meticulously.
2. Follow timings, dress codes, places as instructed with care and consideration.
3. Self confidence, positive effort and optimistic thinking will help to sail through difficult situations easily.
4. Social behaviour is an important aspect of group testing, and must be kept in mind while interacting with peers and during tasks.
5. Remain natural and spontaneous, but not too frank.
6. Go through newspapers, TV shows and other media for general knowledge and current affairs.
7. Stay ready for outdoor events, with special focus on physical agility and fitness.
8. Common-sense is the name of game in all tests, which must be preceded by intelligence, analytical thinking and considered estimation of objectives versus efforts.
……all the luck


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