A beautiful column…


[by Ms Shabnam Gul]


One thought on “A beautiful column…

  1. Mere pyare Umer , khush aur nadrust rahye……………I have gone crazy tellin all this to my own kids , my houseband , friends , in-laws and clients , no one listens , in the end me , alone , left with umbrella , apron , gloves , workboots , shades and sometimes my aching body. But Allah khows I have the happiest day and deep sleep , always. Still I use pain-killers very rare , and had to start medications ( on diabetes ) far later than other family members , Alhamdulillah………. Ammijan has always been a great example of live-a-natural-life.I wanna talk a little about ammijan this time , and your post is encouraging me on that. A natural life style has a larger perimeter that includes our mindset as well. We all have to keep fixing ourselves before its too late .Our parents also need guidance sometimes , which they always deny , and if you can do that (un-notice-ably) would save them the reward of their lifetime good deeds in many areas. You recently posted an article about how Qalb-o-zehn ki Dunya has been affecting the mortality rate of people , among them were few great names of researchers , if I’m not wrong , and conclusion was “main kisi se hasad nahin karta” . I do want you to plz. make mom go through the very text. It would be such an enrichment that may develop in positive regarding ammijan’s thinking. Now that she is away from self-imposed isolation and a specific type of brain storming , I think , is the perfect time to keep placing a variety of freshening ideas before her. Your mind has quite novel points to ponder on , every time , I have observed , and your household has comforting wife and laughing kids. All this can provide a nice atmosphere for ammijan’s mood. Plus your very presence will melt her , InshaAllah. For me , its such a nice reminder on healthy living. Thankx soooooo much.

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