Like everything else, change is related to “love”…

When we love some-one, some-thing, some-space (place) and some-time, that changes us……in and out.

…….and love is something that doesn’t sit back. It changes.





….well, then it all depends on what / whom we love.

Choice-base is wide (….difference also is).

[Allah, Rasoolullah PBUH, people, things, possessions, professions, kids, Muslims, guns, roses, sects, maslaks, associations…]





(……..quite proportionally, “hate” has same effects)


Tail piece:

Q: Shirk kiya hai?

A: Kisi ko Allah jaisi importance / value dena… Allah jaisi jagah pe consider karna… Allah jaisi authority samajhna… Allah jaisi powers ka haamil khayal karna….

[Har kaam ko uskay waqt per karna aur ha cheez ko uski jagah per rakhna adl hai……aur iski zidd zulm hai…]


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