The (first and) Last Khutbah

Prophet Muhammad PBUH didn’t deliver routine sermons (khutbaat) in life. He distinguished himself as the man of action / execution, more than words. In all books of Hadees, Seerat and Tabqaat, we do not find sermons. We do however, find small and at times long talks, answers to questions & observations on queries, questions, points, cases and on occasional basis, like before sending across battle expeditions, etc. However, today Deen has become path-way of sermons, khutbaat and talks only. From Juma to Shab e Juma to Milaad un Nabi PBUH to Aashur to, we find Ummah listening to khutbaat, and over a time, the only thing that we seem to have excelled in, is talk and talk and talk.

Hajjat ul Wida was the only Hajj performed by Prohet PBUH, and its khutbah was the only khutbah he delivered…. Same is reproduced below, as a lasting reminder:



“Tell people about your religion without the use of your tongue.” – Imam Jafar Al-Sadiq


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