Khoon-e-dil day kay nikhaarein gey rukh-e-burg-e-gulaab… [A dedication]




It was an evening in July 2014, when I ran into Neal and his Daddy as they were playing football beside their home in Mashhood Complex. Both didn’t reveal an iota of woe despite the devastating life-changer. The kid wore cutest of sweety smiles… 🙂

Well, Allah has His Plans, life has its spirals and man has his imperfections..  Hence, naseeb and adab are so closely knit and are in-lieu of each other more than anything else in this universe. And, khushi is more of an inner radiance than an inbound agitation.

Even after all that has happened, the resilient family has become an example of perseverance, determination and aspiration….. Time has cost Muniba Ishfaq a part of her brawn and Khurram Shahzad, a part of his spirits; however, what could not be snatched away is their holding on …

Allah has Promised not to put us through something that we can’t handle (Al Baqarah : 286)… He Shall inshaAllah Bless you both with aasaani.

You are light-houses for sinking souls. May you be among those who matter to the world and not to whom the world matters. Aameen.

….And best wishes for the kiddo. May he inshaAllah be the icon of courage, patience and wisdom when he grows big. After all, “men are what their mothers make them”.

God Bless you, today and always…


One thought on “Khoon-e-dil day kay nikhaarein gey rukh-e-burg-e-gulaab… [A dedication]

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