“Jumping aur throwing ki ijaazat nahin hai…” :)

While carrying out an informal research on coached / briefed candidates, I came across some interesting shares by ISSB candidates (before and after their testing)…. Two of those are pasted below. This assistance-package depicts the state of our rudder-less youth due to lack of societal grooming at large (especially the last lines).


Anonymous said…

Strengths and Weaknesses (Revised)


My strength is my confidence and determination towards work.

I alwaya take time to make new friends which makes me able to differentiate between good and bad persons.

I always speak less and smile a lot.

I have good control over my anger and try to avoid taking decisions and making promises in anger

I always feel good about myself which makes me look great and happy

I am open to acquire and develop new skills and like to be neat with all of my work.

I have the ability to cope with failures and try to learn from my mistakes


Sometimes I get involved too much in helping others especially my friends but i am now improving to restrict myself to a limit

Lose patience sometime when i am not in a position to complete the assigned task in time.

In gatherings people often say about me that I do not actively take part in the discussion as i speak less and listen a lot.

I am a little weak in english and general knowledge but I have constantly improving it by taking English language classes and reading newspapers,watching news channels and documentaries regularly

I try to tell truth but I can’t in all circumstances.

I use internet upto late night for chatting as well as surfing different topics.

(Note: I am ready to answer their questions to whom i chat and so on)

Unbalanced diet due to love eating and not taking care of my health unless the matters get too worse.

Anonymous said…

Urgent Help

AOA Sir,I m new here.I have taken many useful information from your blog. I applied the PAF NGD SSC(Engineering). I want your suggestion about personality test. Check my Merits & Demerits.


1.Respect Elders

2.Sincere & Honest

3.Simple & Helping

4.Try to follow my time tables



1.Irregular in offering prayers

2.I speak fast.


4.I m Miser

5.Not good in general knowledge

6.Not good in friend making


Can I Write, Grand Father(Nana Abbu), or other in my Family. Or I have to choose world leader or heroes or Person from armed forces.



2 thoughts on ““Jumping aur throwing ki ijaazat nahin hai…” :)

  1. Will you please explain the stuff a bit more, honestly, to me one’s own readings sound normal. I could not get to the meaningfullness you indicated about…and so couldn’t enjoy it that much.

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  2. The posts by candidates depict the double standards of personality (mis-grooming) in our society.

    The “merits” and “demerits” written are almost completely opposite. Same is the case with “strengths” and “weaknesses”. What could be more said about the superficial concepts and persona of the youth, whereby they are giving / taking guidelines about their personalities’ positives and negative aspects to / from people other than themselves (asked as a question at ISSB during various stages of testing, in many a ways and manners). This is because, as a society, we are always conscious of our selves with respect to others, and not being our own selves. Same translates into bitter realities when our kids are exposed to competitive or personality-based testing, and their duplicate layers of personalities make them mocked due to unclear, superfluous, un-original and copy-cat responses.

    Its a pity to read the last lines. What would nargis do, other than cry the heck out of her lungs, when the chaman is full of maanoun-kay-laals who don’t even know whom to state their ideal as..!!….and they have to ask a buddy at internet to ask if it has to be “a grandfather or from family or a hero or a person from armed forces or a world leader” (what to talk of birth of deeda-war….)…

    If God would bless on verbosity of prayers, we would have been the best ones over the entire history.

    The post title is about two rules (Jumping and Throwing), which are conditionally allowed / otherwise, depending on nature of out door tasks during testing.


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