Classics – 13 [Rab bande di zaat ikko, jiwen kapre di zaat ai roon… Kapre vich jyon roon ai lukeya, yoon banday vich Tuun…]

“For there to be peace in the world, the nations must live in peace.
For there to be peace among nations, cities must not rise up against one another.
For there to be peace in the cities, neighbors must get on well with one another.
For there to be peace among neighbors, harmony must reign in the home.
For there to be harmony at home, it must be found in your own heart.”

[Lao Tzu]


~ pur banday da dil na dhaanween, Rabb dilaan wich rehnda…


Soul-Search 4


[Rauf Amir, I think….]


Now thats something…!!

Ajj din vehre vich….yaadaan waala khes paa ke…. dukhaan diyaan marchaan sukhaun de ni maaen…

Bhanwar ki goud me jaise kinaara saath rehta hai
Kuch aise hi tumhara aur hamaara saath rehta hai

Safar me aen mumkin hai main khud ko chor don lekin
Duaen karne walon ka sahaara saath rehta hai

Tumhara Zarf kay Tum Ko Mohabat Bhool Jaati Hai
Humen To Jis Ne Bhi Hans Kar Pukara Yaad Rehta Hai

Mere mola ne mujh ko chaahaton ki saltanat de di
Magar pehli mohabbat ka khasaara saath rehta hai

[Wasi Shah]

Facts – 6 [Introvert]

Don’t underestimate me. I know more than I say, think more than I speak, and notice more than you realize.

[Michaela Chung]


Do Not


[From Internet –]

Kisi ki laakh baatain aik pal mein bhool jaati hain… Kisi ka aik hi jumla puraana yaad rehta hai…

“Please, buy one of these…!..”, said the little girl, standing besides our car. She was trying to sell us small buckets and other decorations made of straw.

Head-covered with a white scarf, dressed in white, she wore one of the most innocent and cute faces. The sweetheart was unlike other such kids, who would go along the cars and people, asking for aid, never to get-off; sometimes, even get scolded at.

She was tidy and graceful.

It was a sunny winter morning. Tariq, Zafar and I were at Commercial Market, Rawalpindi for a breakfast. This girl had straight come to our car when we parked. We looked at her straw-buckets, and intended to help her. She dropped the idea, and asked us to buy the stuff, which we did not plan to. The discussion went on and on, in that we interviewed her in detail. She told us she went to school, and that she played with dolls, and that she had to sell the buckets as it was her family’s lifeline. We wished to help. She stuck to selling the buckets. We continued to offer help and invited her to halwa-poori too. She declined and repeatedly asked us to buy. In the end, she turned away, and we went into the restaurant.

After having the breakfast, as we buckled-up to drive out, she was there, again…..with the straw-buckets. “What a persistent cutie!”, we discussed.

Before reversing the car, Tariq tried to hand over a fifty rupees’ note to her, “Please take it, dear”

She refused.

Now, as we knew that she will not take it this way, we decided to go for Plan B.

After reversing the car, we lowered the window, quickly dropped the fifty-rupee note into her bucket, and drove out with a quick remark for her, “ye aik choti behen kay liye hai, bhaiyoun ki taraf se…”

She ran and followed our car quite speedily. After some fifty-feet, we stopped. She came over the window, and knocked. Upon lowering the window, she threw some buckets in the car, and ran away, with a priceless remark:

“ye bhaiyoun kay liye hai, aik choti behen ki taraf se…”

Ye barray naseeb ki baat hai…

Tere hote janam liya hota
Koi mujh sa na duusra hota

Saans leta Tu aur main jee uthta
Kash Makkah ki main fizaa hota

Hijraton main parrao hota main
Aur Tu kuch dair ko ruka hota

Tere hujray ke aas paas kahin
Main koi kacha raasta hota

Beech taayef bawaqt sang-zani
Tere lab pe saji dua hota

Kisi ghazway main zakhmi ho ke main
Tere qadmon main aa gira hota

Kash ohad main shareek ho sakta
Aur baaqi na phir bacha hota

Teri pakeeza zindagi ka main
Koi gumnaam waqiya hota

Paani hota udaas chashmon ka
Tere qadmon pe behh geya hota

Poda hota main jalte sehraa main
Aur Tere hath se laga hota

Pairr hota khajoor ka main koi
Jiss ka phall Tu ne kha liya hota

Tukrra hota main aik baadal ka
Aur Tere sath ghoomta hota

Aasmaan hota main ehd-e-nabvi ka
Tujh ko hairat se dekhta hota

Bacha hota ghareeb bewa ka
Sar teri gaud main chupa hota

Rasta hota Tere guzarne ka
Aur tera rasta dekhta hota

Main koi jangjuu arab hota
Aur Tere saamne jhuka hota

But hi hota main Khana Kaaba main
Jo Tere hath se fanaa hota

Main bhi hota tera ghulaam hota
Lakh kehta na main rihaa hota

Mujh pe parrti jo teri nazr-e-karam
Aadmi kya mojzaa hota

Chobh hota main teri chokhat ki
Ya Tere hath ka aassaa hota

Khaak hota main teri galliyon ki
Aur Tere paaon choomta hota

Soot hota main teri chaadar ka
Aur Tere shaanon pe jhoolta hota

Mujh ko khaaliq banata ghaar hassan
Aur mera naam bhi hira hota

[Hassan Nisar]

Nabi e Kareem PBUH ki shaan mein naat likhnay waalon ki fehrist bohat taweel hai….

Pur, iss fehrist mein jagah paana bohat hi qismat aur izzat aur naseeb ki baat hai…