“Da paso de?”

“Pashto is the language of heaven”, said our friend from Peshawar.

We all giggled, and asked him to help us with the divine communicative skills, at least in the Karkhano Market (Hayatabad, Peshawar) where we were roaming for shopping purpose.

“Just learn-by-heart, these two sentences”, he enlightened us.

  1. “Da Paso de?” (How much does this thing cost?)
  2. “Dher garaan de…!” (It’s too expensive)

“When you go inside a shop, point towards your item of choice, and utter the first sentence. The shopkeeper will reply back with the price. Now, pull the trigger for second sentence…..”, he chuckled.

We deliberated upon this, and thought to exercise the tip.

Shop after shop, we Punjaabiz went on to apply the duo, and had amazing results. Our pashtoon guy was with us, smiling all the way. Then was this shop, where we entered and found big, very big LCDs. Wowww.

Loaded with self-confidence and pathan disposition, one of us sent across the first shot: “Da Paso de?”.

The shop-owner, busy with some customers, replied back:

Ta-so intezaar aky. Za ba taso dee na baad milawegam….” (Sir, please wait for a moment. I will attend you after this person)

We all shouted in sync, “Dher garaan de…!”


3 thoughts on ““Da paso de?”

  1. 😁😁😂 chacha jan Arif’s daughter Nazi(albino one) used to read the poem Bulbul ka bachcha : she would start : bulbul ka bachcha , khaata tha khichri……………………………………….main ne uraaya , wapis na aaya , bulbul ka bachcha , Khichri , Sarhaane , Akela , Wapis .😋😁……(mushkil alfaz in the end of lesson)…and then a fermaaishi qehqaha fron a group of parents.

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