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Classics – 14 [The 2 Prime Leadership Qualities…]

“So, if leaders are not born, can leaders be made? My answer is yes. Give me a man or a woman with a common sense and decency, and I can make a leader out of him or her.”

[Field Marshal Sam Manekshaw]

Mohabbataan sachiyaan nein…. Mangda naseeba kuch hor ve…



That clears everything….



Random Thoughts – 2

When someone does not communicate back, it implies that a trust deficit exists. It also means that the relationship vehicle has encountered a rough road, and thus the speed must be reduced (not stopped).


Well, communication is about clarity… If someone is not communicating, clarity is there.. .:)

“Beautiful people do not just happen.”



[Elisabeth Kubler-Ross]

Two videos..

Dedicated to my Sisters…

Koi to hum ko bhi itna sochay, kay khud ko hum par he vaar daalay…

Koi to itna lipat kay roye, kay ab kay hum ko hi maar daalay..


[God Bless you]