Every professional needs to know…

  • What is my highest vision for my personal and professional life?
  • What values guide my life and how can I use them to enhance my leadership?
  • How can I empower the people and teams I am in position to influence? How can I bring out the best in myself and others?
  • How can I better look beyond myself to improve my family, my organization, and society?
  • What can I learn and apply from the leaders I personally admire most?
  • Do I have a compelling and motivating vision that effectively aligns my potentials, wants and needs?
  • Do I have a healthy culture, with positive habits that enhances performance?
  • Do I have a developmental environment that emphasizes coaching, mentoring, training and education of myself?
  • Am I socially responsible? Do I give back to the community, education system, environment, and society?

Sun rise

Every morning in Africa

when the sun rises

a deer awakens

knowing it has to outrun the fastest lion


be hunted to death.

Every morning in Africa

when the sun rises

a lion awakens

knowing it has to outrun the slowest deer


be starved to death….

It does not matter whether you are a deer or lion..

When the sun rises,

better be running at your best.

You only live once.


[inspired by and taken from Wisdom Pearls, by Mr Shahid Riaz]


Integrity = Amaanat + Diyaanat + Sadaaqat + Sharaafat

= Honesty + Uprighteousness + Truthfulness + Virtue / Nobility


Wafaa kay baghair Ataa nahin…..

Hidayat and Qurb e ilahi baghair maangay nahin….

Izzat kay baghair Mohabbat nahin….

Adam aur Khuda



[Syed Mubarik Shah]

Qualification versus Professionalism….

Qualification equips us with informative knowledge (result: attention and awareness)…

Professionalism equips us with profitable knowledge (result: usefulness and empathy)…

Quite a number of professional departments / positions are being held by highly qualified, knowledgeable people with weak professional grooming….

Heart versus Mind

Being fulfilled, happy and content is a state of heart

Being logical, aware and decisive is a state of mind….

Life itself is a function of heart, and life’s decisions are a function of mind….

those people who live by heart feel more, lead a happy, quality and abundant life……

….while those people who live by mind ponder, know and deliberate more, and lead a calculated, estimated and mechanical life.

Interestingly, the four Ls (Live, Love, Laugh, Leave a Legacy) are attributed more to heart than to mind.


Dimaagh Versus Dil – Another explanation

Dimaagh = dekhna, sochna, jaanchna, samajhna, naapna, tolna (bohat si directions mein)….

Dil = chaahna (sirf aik direction mein)….

dil to bachcha hai ji..🙂