The very best of dialogues.. from “Room” (2015)

Jack: There’s so much of “place” in the world. There’s less time because the time has to be spread extra thin over all the places, like butter. so all the persons say “Hurry up! Let’s get going! Pick up the pace! Finish up now!”. Ma was in a hurry to go “boing” up to Heaven, but she forgot me. Dumbo Ma! So the aliens threw her back down. CRASH! And broke her.

* * * * *

Jack: I’ve been in the world 37 hours. I’ve seen pancakes, and a stairs, and birds, and windows, and hundreds of cars. And clouds, and police, and doctors, and grandma and grandpa. But Ma says they don’t live together in the hammock house anymore. Grandma lives there with her friend Leo now. And Grandpa lives far away. I’ve seen persons with different faces, and bigness, and smells, talking all together. The world’s like all TV planets on at the same time, so I don’t know which way to look and listen. There’s doors and… more doors. And behind all the doors, there’s another inside, and another outside. And things happen, happen, HAPPENING. It never stops. Plus, the world’s always changing brightness, and hotness. And there’s invisible germs floating everywhere. When I was small, I only knew small things. But now I’m five, I know EVERYTHING!

* * * * *

Jack: When I was four, I didn’t even know about the world, and now me and ma are going to live in it forever and ever until we’re dead. This is a street in a city in a country called America, and earth. That’s a blue and green planet, always spinning, so I don’t know why we don’t fall off. Then, there’s outer space. And nobody knows where’s heaven. Ma and I have decided that because we don’t know what we like, we get to try everything. There are so many things out here. And sometimes, it’s scary, but that’s okay, because it’s still just you and me.

* * * * *

Jack: It can’t really be Room if door’s open.
Ma: Do you want me to close it?
Jack: Nah.
Ma: Jack, can we go?
Jack: Bye, plant. Bye, chair number one. Bye, chair number two. Bye, table. Bye, wardrobe. Bye, sink. Bye-bye, skylight. Ma, say bye-bye to room.

* * * * *

Ma: [about the mouse] He’s on the other side of this wall.
Jack: What other side?
Ma: Jack, there’s two sides to everything.
Jack: Not on an octagon.
Ma: Yeah, but…
Jack: [Interrupts] An octagon has eight sides
Ma: But a wall, okay, a wall’s like this, see? And we’re on the inside and mouse is on the outside.
Jack: In outer space?
Ma: No, in the world. It’s much closer than outer space.
Jack: I can’t see the outside-side.
Ma: Listen, I know that I told you something else before, but you were much younger. I didn’t think that you could understand, but now you’re so old, you’re so smart. I know that you can get this. Where do you think that old Nick gets our food?
Jack: From TV by magic!


Hum say har shaam mili hai tera chehra ban kar….

(After my God’s blessings and Parents’ prayers), whatever I am today, is due to you… May be it would be appropriate to say that they sent their cares in your form… 🙂

My blog had been missing you for sometime. Thank you for scanning it and giving your precious inputs.

Love from Bharjaee and Kids.
We miss you, and look forward when “kids will be kids”….again.

[This is word of gratitude to Ruby Khan……who is just more than a Sister to me, just more than a mentor, and just more than everyone and everything else……..and who is in our thoughts and prayers always……..along-with ‘T’ and Miyaaounz…]

la computadora… :D

A teacher was explaining to the class that in Spanish, unlike English, nouns are designated as either masculine or feminine:
‘House’ for instance, is feminine: ‘la casa.’
‘Pencil,’ however, is masculine: ‘el lapiz.’

A student asked, ‘What gender is ‘computer’?’

Instead of giving the answer, the teacher split the class into two groups, male and female, and asked them to decide for themselves whether computer’ should be a masculine or a feminine noun. Each group was asked to give three reasons for its recommendation.

The women’s group concluded that computers should be Masculine (‘el computador’), because:

1. They have a lot of data but still can’t think for themselves;

2. They are supposed to help you solve problems, but half the time they ARE the problem; and

3. As soon as you commit to one, you realize that if you had waited a little longer, you could have gotten a better model.

The men’s group however, decided that ‘computer’ should definitely be of the feminine gender (‘la computadora’), because:

1. No one but their creator understands their internal logic;

2. Even the smallest mistakes are stored in long term memory for possible later retrieval; and

3. As soon as you make a commitment to one, you find yourself spending half your paycheck on accessories for it.

(As expected) the men won…..


[from Internet]

P.S. Couldn’t agree more with men…. 🙂

Respect and honour… [Re-posted]

(from a social point of view) Everything in this world is about respect and honour.

If one feels his respect and honour are being targeted, his performance goes down.

If one gets convinced that his respect and honour will not be shattered, he does good.

If one’s respect and honour are upheld and elevated, he does wonders.

Believe me: Each one of us is capable of doing wonders.

All the good things, relations and achievements start from respect……be it self respect or others’ respect.

Tumhein watan ki fizaaeyin salaam kehti hein…

Here, we live and breathe in safe environments, because there, you live and breathe in rough, tough and hostile environments.

Here, we are happy, free of apprehensions and enjoying our lives, because there, you are under constant concern, on-watch and facing the music.

Here, we are carefree, because there, you are responsible.

Here, we are complaining of things from nepotism to corruption, because there, you are performing your sacred duty in all goodness, positive intent, sincerity and dedication.

Here, we enjoy our domestic lives, spend time with our parents, families, siblings, children and friends, because there, you miss your parents, families, siblings, children and friends.

Here, we have a heart to talk about things like sacrifice, nationhood, democracy, values and human rights, because there, you uphold the sacrifice, nationhood, democracy, values and human rights.

Here, we have the guts to hurl allegations and dislikes onto your institutions, because there, you have the guts to protect us from every harm.


This post is dedicated to the valiant sons of soil, who protect us from every harm and every enemy.

They are our Soldiers, Sailors and Airmen from our Defence Forces. They are our Police, FC, Rangers and Security troops from Karakoram Security Force to CPEC Security Division, from Frontier Constabulary to Balochistan Constabulary, from Levies to Provincial Border Guards, from Traffic Wardens to Highway Police Patrols, from our Street Guards to Intelligence personnel, from Bank Guards to Shopping Malls Guards, from Masjid Guards to Hotel Guards, from Airport Security Force to Anti Narcotics Force, from Maritime Security Agency to Coast Guards, and from FIA to Customs.

We value their work and service as sacred. They indeed protect our life, and our quality of life.

They are constantly criticized from almost each and every quarter of this society, especially from the learned & informed ones. They are never paid enough as much as they give, never appreciated as much as they put in, and never valued as much as deserve.

I just wanted to take time out today and express that they are appreciated from core of my heart, and their presence means much more to us than just the word “security”… They are one of the big reasons why we are able to pray in our Masaajid, roam about in our cities and live as we like.

Next time you see such a person or a team, try to take some time out and tell them that they are appreciated, and they are doing wonderful.

May Allah bless you people.

Random Thoughts – 18

Us ne apna banaa kay chhorr diyya
Kiya aseeri hai kiya rehaai hai

Soul-Search 25

Iraaday baandh’ta hoon, soch’ta hoon, torr deta hoon….
…..Kheen aisa na ho jaaye, kaheen waisa na ho jaaye