Bus Ishq, Mohabbat, Apna-pan…

Attachment – Passion – Admiration – Liking – Infatuation – Fondness – Feeling – Regard – Devotion – Preoccupation – Obsession – Fixation – Craze – Love – Ishq




It all starts from Zikr….

Zikr is the first step as well as the whole process….

The more we think about something is pre requisite to the extent we talk about it……..

………..which leads to unconscious copying, imitating, visiting and finally becoming that very thing……

(visiting is one of the strongest indicators of love…..)

Interestingly however,

it holds very true about love as well as hate….

……and this is the reason that when people really hate someone, they end up being like having the same attributes.. 🙂


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