Mohabbat (by Iqbal)

Chamak Tare Se Mangi, Chand Se Dagh-e-Jigar Manga
Urhayi Teergi Thori Si Shab Ki Zulf-e-Barham Se

From stars he took their brightness; from the moon the marks of burnt‐out passions of the past;
And from night’s floating and dishevelled tresses a little darkness;

Tarap Bijli Se Payi,Hoor Se Pakeezgi Payi
Hararat Li Nafashaye Maseeh-e-Ibn-e-Mariam (A.S.) Se

From the lightning he received its restlessness; and purity from houris;
And the gentle warmth that runs rippling from healing breath of Mary’s son.

Zara Si Phir Rabubiat Se Shan-e-Be-Niazi Li
Malak Se Ajazi, Uftadgi Taqdeer-e-Shabnam Se

Then from the quality of Providence he took that splendour which dependeth not on aught else than itself,
And from the dew and angels took he their humility.

Phir In Ajza Ko Ghola Chasma-e-Hewan Ke Pani Men
Marakkab Nemohabbat Naam Paya Arsh-e-Azam Se

Then in the waters of the spring of life he made them to dissolve;
And from the Throne of Most High they called this essence “Love.”

Muhwish Ne Ye Pani Hasti-e-Naukhaiz Par Chirka
Girah Kholi Hunar Ne Uss Ke Goya Kaar-e-Alam Se

That alchemist sprinkled this liquid on the new sprouting being,
And its magic touch released the spell‐bound process of the worlds.

Huwi Junbish Ayan, Zarron Ne Lutf-e-Khawab Ko Chora
Gile Milne Lage Uth Uth Ke Apne Apne Humdam Se

Motion appeared in atoms; forthwith they abandoned their repose,
And roused themselves embracing their affinities again.

Kharaam-e-Naaz Paya Aftabon Ne, Sitaron Ne
Chatak Ghunchon Ne Payi, Dagh Paye Lala-Zaron Ne

The suns and stars rolled in majestic curves,
The buds received fresh tints, and poppy flowers were branded with the burning marks of Love.

(with profound regards and prayers to for text and translations)


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