Friend’sMailz – “Wants always exceed needs”…

A friend said and I quote, “Wants always exceed needs”…

Yes, it was not only from economy class, but also from everyday life’s everyday moments……every day.

However, Allah has a different plan for us, which is certainly not based on our criteria, wishes and wants. Our Master knows us best of all, and about our life and about future. He knows our limitations, aspirations and capabilities. Hence, His plan is the best, because it caters for every thing. We just have to focus on the basics and make our intents and acts conform to what Allah expects from us. For everything else, there’s Allah to take care.

“Alhamdolillah e Alaa kull e haal…”

It is a line easy to recite, but probably has become difficult to say with our hearts…..not due to the fact that it is difficult to do, its just that we are on some other frequency when it comes to shukr. As we are in constant change, most of us find the same things and situations boring. Then, most of us do not mean “Alhamdolillah, all well with me” from the core of their hearts. We focus on having more, than giving more.

From the wedding left-over plates (with an overall large amount of food, wasted) to the financial corruption in political and power circles of our country, we find that the bhook (greed) of body does not vanish with elevated education, rank, respect and social status. It instead changes form and colour. So, whether a person needs it or not, is not the issue with our decision-making. Its just the rat-race of trying to grab anything and everything.

Yes, some days may be tough and some easier. And the easier days are those, for which we strive in tough days. The life’s cycle keeps us into subjective pursuits, denying us the objectivity.

Life would have been much better if everyone would be happy just like that. But as a matter of fact, not EVERY one can be happy. So, better to keep ourself around such people, who choose to be happy and who make us accomplished, glad and focus on goodness only.

The fact is: like fate, passion, dreams and partners, happiness is also a choice (mostly misunderstood as a chance). Destiny is what we see in front of us; it is the way that we see among so many others, choose to opt it out of so many alternative realities, embark upon a journey that we want to, travel along a track that we inherently yearn to follow, and finally land where we are meant to. Every ‘Y’ junction in life gives us ample choice to be made, thus in the end its we who are the beneficiaries or affectees of our own choices.


2 thoughts on “Friend’sMailz – “Wants always exceed needs”…

  1. Yes and this must be our belief that We are not capable of making a good or bad choice , not even thinking about it unless with His Will. So we should , at all times, keep praying for guidance from Almighty Allah.

    Fa Innaka Tuqzee Vala Yuqza Alaik.

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