Friend’sMailz – “Bonfire”…

Time flies.
…and as it does, it takes most people away like the landscape or clouds. Some keep with us, like sun. Some keep all around us, like air…

Rafia Malik, Akhtar Masood, Ayesha H Afzal, Rehan, Zayyad and UN Barry were excellent people…

The longing for FM, the team and the people, their contribution to my life, and the impact it created on all of us cannot be put in words.

It was a team of professionals, who took pride in their work. They would stand by all the good things, in the best manner. They used to discuss things to the core, intent and effects.

“Bonfire” was the best thing that happened to us. Jan 2009 will always be memorable.


4 thoughts on “Friend’sMailz – “Bonfire”…

    • ” Bonfire ” was the moment we had all been waiting for! I am soooo glad it happened. It was one of the most amazing highlights of my trip to Lahore, Pakistan back in Dec 2008 – Jan 2009
      I miss that trip so much! 🙂

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  1. Oh and will never forget the time and effort put forth in travelling all the way to Lahore 🙂
    MashAllah! Very lucky to have such special people in my life ♥
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart! 🙂

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