Friend’sMailz – “Burka Ban”…

Barry might have better reasons.

I view Burka (the complete one, with all its variants) as more of a traditional attire, than a religious one. Yes, I have studied Soorah Al Noor, Al Ahzaab, Al Nisaa and Al Hujuraat. I also have consulted the most authentic texts of Hadees e Rasool (PBUH) on the subject.

To me, wearing a religion sends across powerful messages all around. Responsibility of someone wearing a religion increases manifold, whereby they are considered to “represent” the religion to common eyes. But then, common eyes don’t only see. They read, observe, feel, interpret, analyse, co-relate, deduce, and make opinions too. They read actions, most of all. And to me, the burka gives a message that ‘I choose to be invisible, though I can see everything and everyone’..


4 thoughts on “Friend’sMailz – “Burka Ban”…

  1. I must agree on many aspects of the Burka.
    Yes it is important and holds value however as you touched on it, actions speak louder than words! It is to please Allah in the most humble and sacred of ways and not to show others or prove to be better than others just because it is chosen to be worn by the particular individual.
    To each his own & the rest is up to God to know 🙂 Thanks for sharing the thoughts on this topic. It was of importance indeed!

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  2. Thank you for your review. It was long due at FM… 🙂

    The topic has become more debatable, as now the world is fast becoming different place…….much different from before….

    Stay blessed.


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