Friend’sMailz – “Parenting in this age of (mis)information and working on new generation (gap)”…

Kids need time and attention. For that matter, mothers have been given the biggest responsibility. Their “haq” is the biggest obligation on a man, and their “farz” is also (their) biggest obligation. It may be new to most of us, but as per research, the biggest pain that a human being can endure is that of being burnt alive.

The second biggest is to give birth.

The biggest example in this universe, the best person among everyone created, and the most beloved of Allah was Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). As we read through history, to Nabi e Kareem (PBUH), Allah did not bless a father when he opened his eyes into this world. He was raised by his mother. After 6 years, she passed away. This translates to me that the mother is the single-most relationship obligatory for a person to be bread, nurtured and groomed in the initial stages of his life. The research also proves it today, when it says that the most part of our personality is formed from 6 months to something like 5 years plus. Later, we only add to our skills, knowledge and experience.

Hindi film “Sixteen” gives an interesting account of the dangers associated with the activities of youth, in larger perspective of changing times, ways to tackle them, and to understand these kids as they should be.

The kids today are no different in anything other than how we treat them as. In this age of technology, if we addict-ify them iPads and Tabs in an age of three, we cannot expect them to outshine in sports as we want them to be. If we don’t make their concepts of right / wrong at the tender ages of 3 – 5 years, we cannot expect them not to cross the red lines later.

Plus, the parenting is all about example. It is not about spending most time with the family. Its about spending the quality time.

As follows are some tips, as I can think of now:

  • Teach the kids love of Allah, love to Rasoolullah (PBUH) and Ahl e Bait.
  • Educate and train them to become good human beings.
  • Teach them the ideology and history of Pakistan.
  • Coach them in religion. They should grow up with sound morals and character.
  • Spend as much time with your children as you can spare. Remember, it is not the duration of association but the intensity which matters.
  • Make your children into loyal, honest and dedicated citizens of this country.

And, this post:

In the end, a word from Pope John Paul II [Confessions – March 7, 1981]:

“What are the characteristics of youth today?

— It is a critical youth which, having considerably increased its cultural assets, is logically led to think more, to reflect, to judge;
— It is a demanding youth which, though it may sometimes exaggerate and succumb to personal selfishness, wants and claims honesty, truthfulness, justice and consistency;
— It is a youth that suffers from the contradictory nature of the ideologies that impinge upon it, and from the continual emptying of ideals which it witnesses;
— It is a questioning youth which wants to account for what is happening, which looks for the meaning of its own life and the significance of the history of man and of the whole universe, which invokes certainty and clarity on its own destiny and with regard to its own conduct;
— It is a youth anxious for truth, ideals for which to live, responsibility, moral beauty, innocence and joy.”


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