Masterpiece – 14 [Rumi – Some thoughts – Part 6]

“Don’t grieve. Everything you lose comes round in another form.”

Rumi is just another world..!

Some time back, I read in a book (from Adnan Akhtar a.k.a Haroon Yahya), a chapter (that had a prior warning printed on it, “Caution! reading this chapter will change your thinking for ever”) that explained our senses and perceptions with respect to input / output systems. It stated that whatever meanings we give to anything and everything are basically related to what we have been told over and over again. That is to say, we label or understand the concepts, things and events in the way what we have been earlier told or we have have observed it to be. If that is changed, meaning of everything changes. It was a complex theme, very effectively and simply put.

Amir Khan is his film “3 Idiots” tells us that heart is something which only feels (we can relate it to soul, our sub-conscious or above conscious dimension), and can be deceived through “aall is well” pat. It is because it cannot think and judge. So, whatever meanings we want to guide it to, it accepts.

It is the mind (our “conscious” or “think” dimension) which weighs and measures and goes into ‘naap-tol’ mode and projects, extra-polates, makes trends, studies things coupled with sensory inputs and blah blah…… Heart only feels. It otherwise has its own nervous system (an autonomous one), pumps blood, makes us “live”, “love” and “laugh”, and takes in / gives out feelings, emotions and body-states. Heart is the only organ that doesn’t take rest, like other organs of the body (though it has among its cycles, a rest cycle too), and it starts to work since the day we are born, and doesn’t stop till we breathe our last.

Thus, to heart (or our “feel” dimension), everything is what we tell it.

Kids are like that. They are all heart. They believe everything. They are pure life. They do not judge or perceive or doubt or question intents, nor do they make things complex.

With this background, if we look at Rumi’s quote, it appears that the way we see things affects everything. Talk about grief, and we’d be amazed to recall that all our “grief moments” in life ended up into something great. It was just about time. It was just about waiting.

As they say, “Every thing will be okay in the end. If it is not okay, it is not the end…”

Just for example, if we try and change the meaning of everything with regard to Allah’s Grace, it will make us think on the line of shukr, and sabr, and tawakkul. It will always make us relate everything that happens around with Allah’s blessing, and will end us into being hopeful, content and positive. Reverse it, and we will always be dissatisfied, complaining and negative about the same very everything that’s happening around.

So, it is with us to decide if we have to grieve or celebrate.

The end result changes with our attitude. And this is the part of taqdeer which is with us.


[This post was contributed to Writer’s Haven blog, and was published there as comments on this post, as part of Rumi’s Legacy – a subject which connects us back to the direction we’ve lost over the decades and centuries. A commendable effort by Samana Syed.

My gratitude all the way for reading it through…..]


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