Humbly :)

As narrated by Akhtar Abbas:

It was a routine day in my office, when the Director called me in his office, and asked me to have a look at the contents of this letter which was sent from one of the subordinate formations.

The letter was an ordinary one, with an extraordinary end-note, rather an interesting one. Its last line was as follows:

“It is humbly requested that kindly please approve the above-mentioned request considerately………..”

The word “humbly” was encircled by our big Boss, alongside an inquiry note marked for my Director.

Director, while noticing smile in my eyes, said, “What do you think? Why this officer has written the letter with such petitioner words? What about humbly? I have never seen this word in official correspondence during my career”.

I chose to answer him:

“Sir! Probably the officer writing this letter is from HUMBALY Fiqah…”


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