Hum say har shaam mili hai tera chehra ban kar….

(After my God’s blessings and Parents’ prayers), whatever I am today, is due to you… May be it would be appropriate to say that they sent their cares in your form… 🙂

My blog had been missing you for sometime. Thank you for scanning it and giving your precious inputs.

Love from Bharjaee and Kids.
We miss you, and look forward when “kids will be kids”….again.

[This is word of gratitude to Ruby Khan……who is just more than a Sister to me, just more than a mentor, and just more than everyone and everything else……..and who is in our thoughts and prayers always……..along-with ‘T’ and Miyaaounz…]


2 thoughts on “Hum say har shaam mili hai tera chehra ban kar….

  1. Omg..Omg , I was nothing. It was just like I had a child ( chhota sa bachha, Umer Ilyas) when even I was a child myself. Just like Bhaijan Badar , who is the other Abba ji for our family. For you, neither I could do anything substantial nor had I credentials to. Just praying, praying ,and hiding my love, plans about my child’s future and every good news about you lest there would be a bad eye around. It is you, that has been so humble, so kind , tolerant, Allah fearing, thankful and loaded with love. I hate saying these words infront of you, rather like keeping you safe in my heart and mind as one of few assets I have. Like a little boy from a servant quarter hiding a couple of marbles ( buntay ) he finds from a begum’s lawn. Telling you this so that you always believe in yourself and Allah. HE made you love all over. Salaamat rahain.

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