Darust tarteeb…

…..as time is the most important parameter of universe, hence it is imperative that everything happening around will and shall be looked at, from its reference.

Tarteeb (Order) is thus significant in each and everything….be it relationships, education, growth, anything….and, everything…

Tarteeb of success is as follows:


Good acts.

Going for truthfulness, and spreading the word.

Going for patience, and spreading the word.

(in that order)

(refer Soorah Al Asr : 1 – 3)

Many of the good intentions never make it till the end. Many of the noble endeavours do not get materialized. The issue is of the “order” (Tarteeb)… When we tend to “spread the truth” without completing the pre-requisites, the truth doesn’t deliver [media is one example]… When we ask to make patience without the three pre-requisites, our call goes otherwise…

It is no coincidence that while each word of language is formed with an order, each stage of life and of each activity of life is about an order.

~ zindagi kiya hai, anaasir mein zahoor e tarteeb……

mout kiya hai!, inhee ajzaa ka pershaan hona…


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