Friend’sMailz – “We are Allah’s, and we shall certainly return to Him….”

Muhammad Ayub.

He was my mentor….my Parents’ mentor. My family’s light house, flag-ship and a super grand-father to us all.
He was a blessing.

His rank, honour and goodness can not be truely put in words.
He was a light-house….a legacy….a universe in his own……..well, an extinct species…
He was the one who made us understand the meanings of humility, respect, dignity, relationships, selflessness, and so many good things.

We don’t find such people today. “Zameen ka namak”, they are….
We don’t find such people today, who meet people, keep relationships, cherish, yearn, crave and love just like that, without a material longing or gain or interest. It is a blunt generalization, yes. But that is what the fact is. Yes, our elders had more clearer hearts, simpler minds and less of maximization thingy. They did not have abundance of communication means, nor did they have much resources – yet they had assets like simplicity, spare time, pursuits, ingenuity, originality, toil and

Yes…….”our elders and bazurgs of the yester-years lived a life of simplicity and little commodities and yet they were happy. They lived a simple life in which they worked very hard to make ends meet or to achieve their dreams. Some achieved them and some did not however the biggest asset was that they learned to live life.”

Today also, when we look around and appreciate and smile at senior citizens, they still (till this day) have some sort of warmth in their smile and that means a lot.
They are our future… And our future is bright… 🙂

We are driven by our values, grooming, environs and mulaamlaat. We are driven by our unconscious and engrained strengths and weaknesses. Yes……”Life now is full of selfishness and more of a rat-race jiss mein har ek ko apni apni paree hai… one really cares about the other. No one bothers to ask (even relatives, neighbours forget) ke aap kaise ho? kya ho raha hai etc etc….but at the same time one cannot blame them because situation hee aise hai…..the socio-economic situations in the country have driven people to think and feel this way (selfishness)…..”

I think this has not to with socio-economic issues….. It is because we have stopped to listen to our Mothers.

The world is full of good people. If you can’t find one, be one… 🙂


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