Random Thoughts – 49

Most of times, wait is worth it….
….and for the rest of times, it is even better.


Masood! You were never fallen… You never will…

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Sqn Ldr Syed Masood Hussain Shaheed, Sitaara Basalat was born on 26 August, 1977. He received his education from Central Model School, Lahore and Govt. College University Lahore. After intermediate he reported to PAF Academy Risalpur in 1996.

On 16 January, 2012, while he was in Turkey as instructor pilot, his aircraft (D-137 aeroplane) crashed during training near the Azmeer Airbase in Turkey Tuesday. This was an unfortunate incident, in which his Turkish under-training pilot Lt Serkan Sar (picture below) also crashed. A portion of the wreckage of the trainer aircraft was found in the sea near Izmir (Turkey). His funeral was held at Turkish Air Force Base Izmir, and later at PAF Base Lahore.

TAF SP.jpg




As a mark of close relations between Pakistan and Turkey and high esteem and respect for the Shaheed officer, Turkish Air Chief Gen. Mehmet Ertem specially flew to Izmir to participate in the funeral services. Land Forces Commander of the Aegean Region, Izmir Air Base Commander and all officers of the Base paid homage to the Shaheed officer. Wrapped in Pakistani and Turkish flags, his body was flown to Pakistan on a special plane. The Shaheed officer was on an exchange posting to the Turkish Air Force.

Later, the Shaheed was buried with full military honours in his native town Baseerpur (Okara).

Masood – A dear course-mate…

Sqn Ldr Masood Hussain embraced Shahaadat in a plane Crash in Aegean Sea (Turkey) on 16 January, 2012.

Masood 2




Masood 3

Sherdils… T-37 Aircraft Formation… (Masha-Allah)


Random Thoughts – 48

Jo aag lagaai thee tum ne, us ko to bujhaaya ashkon ne
Jo ashkon ne bharrkaai hai, uss aag ko thandaa kon karay….

Definitions – 18 :)

Shaadi-shuda kanwaaray ko, aur kanwaara shaadi-shuda ko jis nigaah se dekhta hai,
usay Hasrat kehtay hein…


[Iss definition ki kulli ya juzvi mutaabiqat kay baaray mein kuch kehna hum munaasib nahin samajhtay…. 🙂 ]

Tujhay Kitaab se mumkin nahin faraagh, kay tu….. Kitaab khwaan hai magar ‘Saahib-e-Kitaab’ nahin…..

Allah parhion haafiz hoion, Na giaa hijaabon pardaa hoo
Parhh Parhh aalim faazil hoion, Taalib hoion zar daa hoo
Lakh hazaar kitaabaan parhiaan, Zaalim nafs na mardaa hoo
Baajh faqeeraan kise na mareya, Eho chor andar daa hoo

You have read the name of God over and over, you have stored the Holy Qur’an in your memory, but this has still not unveiled the hidden mystery.
Instead, your learning and scholarship have sharpened your greed for worldly things;
none of the countless books you’ve read in your life has destroyed your brutal ego.
Indeed, none but the Saints can kill this inner thief, for it ravages the very house in which it lives.

[Hazrat Sultan Bahoo]