Abdullah! You’ve got prayers….

My dear sweet Abdullah, today, on this special day that you turn seven years old, your family in Canada has something to say to you. It’s a great feeling, having fun with our families on our birthdays, eating cake, opening presents. I mean, you don’t turn seven every day! But there’s often one person we forget to include in our celebrations- the person who makes this all happen, which is none other than Allah. Abdullah, you’re becoming a big boy, and you’ve got great things ahead of you. Through the successes, defeats and different experiences that you will have on your path ahead as you grow, never forget to remember Allah, who is the giver of both joys and tears. We’re all cheering for you, Abdullah! Insha’Allah, you’ll have many more wonderful birthday celebrations, and maybe one day soon, we’ll be able to be there too, cutting the cake with you! Grow into a kind, honest person, Abdullah. We want to see you!

Have a spectacular seventh birthday, Abdullah and don’t forget to stay safe, stay strong, and stay happy!

[received in email]


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