Raaqis (Exorcists)…

Presence of “Jinns”, the effects of bad-nazri (evil / bad eye), magical malpractices and similar other phenomenon in our world is a reality.

While present medico-psycho-social sciences deny the effects of these things, and look at each and every such issue as an ailment in a scientific perspective, the truth is: matters of ‘soul’ have not been made very clear to humans (as mentioned in Quran as well) more than a certain limit..

As per my observation, there are thousands of cases related to ‘jinnaat’ in our society reported and dealt every day, especially rural areas. Every now and then we listen to news like abuse of victims by a ‘Peer’, tragic events in the course of black-magic practice and other unsafe acts by people who are neither qualified nor educated in these fields. While many of those cases are false, or made-to-be (disguised) to look like magic or jinnaat-effects, there are some cases which are genuine, and which need to be cured spiritually.

In the words of notable scholar, Muhammad Asad:

“In verses 2-5 of Soorah Al Falaq, the term “evil” (sharr) also gives a subjective connotation: fear of evil. (of those that blow upon knots”: probably derived from the practice of “witches” and “sorcerers” who used to tie a string into a number of knots while blowing upon them and murmuring magic incantations). The term probably denotes the intangible, mysterious forces of nature to which man’s psyche is exposed, and which sometimes make it difficult for us to discern between right and wrong, However, in the light of this last verse of the last surah of the Qur’an it is also possible to conclude that the “invisible forces” from which we are told to seek refuge with God are the temptations to evil emanating from the blindness of our own hearts, from our gross appetites, and from the erroneous notions and false values that may have been handed down to us by our predecessors.

In the usage of the Qur’an, which is certainly different from the usage of primitive folklore, the term jinn has several distinct meanings. The most commonly encountered is that of spiritual forces or beings which, precisely because they have no corporeal existence, are beyond the perception of our corporeal senses: a connotation which includes “satans” and “satanic forces” (15:17) as well as “angels” and “angelic forces”. The Qur’an states that the jinn were created out of “the fire of scorching winds” (15:27), or out of “a confusing flame of fire” (55:15), or simply “out of fire” (7:12 and 38:76).

The term jinn is also applied to a wide range of phenomena which, according to most of the classical commentators, indicate certain sentient organisms of so fine a nature and of a physiological composition so different from our own that they are not normally accessible to our sense-perception. The Qur’an refers often to “the realm which is beyond the reach of human perception” (al-ghayb), while God is frequently spoken of as “the Sustainer of all the worlds” (rabb al-alamin): and the use of the plural clearly indicates that side by side with the “world” open to our observation there are other “worlds” as well – and, therefore, other forms of life, different from ours and presumably from one another, and yet subtly interacting and perhaps even permeating one another in a manner beyond our ken. And if we assume, as we must, that there are living organisms whose biological premises are entirely different from our own, it is only logical to assume that our physical senses can establish contact with them only under very exceptional circumstances: hence the description of them as “invisible beings”. Now that occasional, very rare crossing of paths between their life-mode and ours may well give rise to strange – because unexplainable – manifestations, which man’s primitive fantasy has subsequently interpreted as ghosts, demons and other such “supernatural” apparitions.”


Following is a list of ‘Raaqis’ (Exorcists), (taken from http://www.islam-universe.com) who can be consulted in these contexts for guidance across the world.

Ayesh Quran: Cell: 00962795576723, ayeshquran@yahoo.com (Taibeh, Irbed, Jordan)
Osamah Yasin Al-M’any: Home: 0096265605022, Cell: 00962777970590, info@ruqya.net, http://www.ruqya.net (Amman, Jordan)

Abu Junaid: 07834326225 (Birmingham and surrounding areas, UK)
Abu Abdullah As-Salafi: 07737557330 (Birmingham, UK)
Abdul Jabbaar: 07976918576 (Huddersfield and surrounding areas, UK)
Abu Abdullah: Ruqyashariyah@yahoo.co.uk, http://www.ruqyashariyah.org/forum/
Zaid : 07985667618 (Leicester, UK)
Sheikh Abu Hanifah (appears on the Islam Channel Q&A): 0208 471 5766 (London, UK)
Ibrahim At-turki: 07719380579 (Hertfordshire, North London)
Abu Ussama Salfi: 07737460548 (Leeds, West Yorkshire, UK)

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Enes Beganovic Mecevici BB Zavidovici +387 61 757 819, enes@lijecenjekuranom. com, http://www.lijecenje-kuranom.com

Ust. Shuayb Mahmoud Shuayb: +255 (0) 754 302350, +255 (0) 716 066360 al_ilaajuherbal@yahoo.com, P.O.Box. 424, Bukoba-Tanzania

Abdul-Hameed Abu Abdul-Wadood: office: (+212) 048 82 26 26 , cell: (+212) 062 12 01 81 , arroqia@hotmail.com, http://www.roqia.free.fr (Agadir, Morocco)
Yusuf Shabany: (+212) 069 60 56 43, aroqya@hotmail.com (Ad Dar al Bayda’, Morocco)

Janis Abdullah: TEL: 013-8693148, Email : jjabcgroup@gmail.com & Janis.abdullag@gmail.com, Masjid Negeri Sabah, Bulatan Sembulan, Jalan
Tuanku Abdul Rahman, 88100 Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, East Malaysia.

Iqbal Salafi: TEL: 0092 51 5537998 (7AM-3PM PST), Mobile:0092 3335115646, 0092 3205151570, Kashmiri Bazaar near masjid Darus Salaam, Ahl Hadith (Rawalpindi, Pakistan)
Shaykh Abdus Sattar Abid: 0333-5115081 (Rawalpindi , Pakistan)
Hafiz Abdul Salam: Mobile:0092 3024011108 (call around Asar time), 99 J Block model town (Lahore, Pakistan)
Arif Salfi:Phone: 03005132613, 03335270480, Aims islamic institute F8 (Islamabad, Pakistan)
Allamah Noor Mohammed, Jamiya Abubakar, Karachi Tel:0092 21 4980877, Residence: 0092 21 8120244 Mobile:03002118973

UST. FADLAN, DENGAN TERAPI RUQYAH, BEKAM DAN PENGOBATAN HERBA, Dalem 42/10 Purbayan, Kota Gede, Yogyakarta 55173 Telp. (0274) 7493940
KANTOR PUSAT MAJALAH AL-IMAN BIL GHOIB, RUQYAH SYAR’IYYAH: Jl. Kelurahan lama No. 05 Rt 001/015 Cililitan Kramat Jati jakarta Timur,
Tlp. (021) 8092329, 93449512
CABANG MEDAN: Jl. Denai No.156 Medan, 061-77379231
CABANG PADANG: Jl.Delima No. 7 Ujung Gurun Padang, 0751-35559
CABANG PALEMBANG: Jl.Kapten A. Rivai Irg. Lebak (samping Bank Sumsel) Palembang, 0711-7917347
CABANG JAMBI: Jl.H.Adam Malik No.1 TR 21, Beringin Thehok,Jambin Selatan, 0741-7076739,7011292
CABANG BANDUNG: MTC (Metro Trade Center) Blok B No. 28, Jl. Soekarno hata, Bandung, 022-70269655
CABANG CIREBON: Perumahan Kepompongan Indah, Jl.Pangeran Cakra Buana No. 12 Sumber-Cirebon, 0231-3339243
CABANG TANGERANG: Beringin raya 139 D Perum I-Karawaci Tangerang, 021-55778040,70964229
CABANG PONTIANAK: Jl. Uray Bawadi Gang Muhibah No. 5 Pontianak, 0561-7086191
CABANG SEMARANG: Jl. KH. Tohir Gg. III RT 01 Rw 01 N0. 85B, Penggaron Kidul, Pedurungan, Semarang Timur, 024-70163664

Waheed Abdul-Salam Bali: 0020105061850 (Egypt)

Muhammad Al-Imam center (Ma’bar, Yemen)
Abdul-Qadir Al-Qudsy center (Al-Qadisiyah, San’a’, Yemen)

Saudi Arabia
General Presidency Of the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, http://www.pv.gov.sa

Abdullah Al-hadad: 3842452 (Al-Green, Kuwait)
Faysal Al-‘anzy: 9279496 (As-Sableekhat, Kuwait)
Hady Al-‘anzy: 9009019 (Al-Jahra’, Kuwait)
Mohammed Al-Qaysi: 7989066 (Great Mubarak, Kuwait)
Abu Osamah: 7040056 (Kuwait)

Salah Abdul-Qader: 050/6111706 (Abu Dhabi, UAE)

Al-Madni Shifa Khana & Qurani Elaj Training Centre, Masjid-e-Fathima, #14th cross, Govindpura main road near farida shoe factory, Arabic college post, Bangalore-560045, H.A.Qureshi Sab Umri, Madni. 9845590322, 9241703954, H.Omer Ali Sab 9343447345, Timings:10 a.m. to1 p.m 4.30 p.m.to7.30 p.m
Ahmed-Al-Zahrani, Near Masjid-e-Saleheen, Chandrayangutta, Barkas, Hyderabad (A.P) India, Cell : 0091-9849000338, Land Line : 040-24443285
Younus Mirza (Hyderabad), Phone: 919849419139


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  1. Umer, though this is a repeated topic and with the reference of Al Falq and Annaas, is elaborated almost everyday for kids, your effort in this regard is astounding, MashAllaah. I’m saving this remarkable piece of search and looking forward to reading or forwarding it to the girls. Jazakumullaah khair.

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