Dialogue – 55 (Man & Machine)

“Mera Boss bohat intelligent hai….”


“Pur, hai Boss hi….lol.. When he’s not around, we work better…”

“.. 🙂 …. Aisi intelligence ka kiya karna, jub as a team member, captain ki absence hi fruitful ho…”

“Masla yeh hai kay uska zehn bohat ziaada acha hai… He is an asset for our company….”

“Aur dil….?..”

“Dil to……buss na hi poochein… Allah maaf karay….”

“Insaan aur machine mein buss yehi farq hai…”


5 thoughts on “Dialogue – 55 (Man & Machine)

  1. A rail engine works while connected with the fellow carriages. A good engine gives reading of sustainable momentum of haul and velocity when calculated. No matter how near and how far a carriage is. So you are right. In a system’s mechanism boss has to be firm and flexi. He should be seen and felt equally connected and affectionate to everyone from the office floor to the field area.

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