Authentic Dialogues from a Forgery Film… :)

“Lambert, are you married?”

“Yes. Nearly 30 years.”

“What’s it like, living with a woman?”

“Like taking part in an auction. You never know if yours will be the best offer.”

“In an old article of yours I found on the internet, you said, ‘There’s something authentic in every forgery.’…. What did you mean?”

“When simulating another’s work, the forger can’t resist the temptation to put in something of himself. Often it’s just a trifle, a detail of no interest. One unsuspected stroke, by which the forger inevitably ends up betraying himself, and revealing his own, utterly authentic sensibilities.”

“Human emotions are like works of art. They can be forged. They seem just like the original, but they’re a forgery.”


“Everything can be faked, Virgil. Joy, pain, hate. Illness, recovery. Even love.”

“Do you think love can be faked?”

“In keeping with what you say about art forgeries, I’d say it can’t be completely faked. If one could say love is a work of art.”

“It’d be amazing if it were, wouldn’t it? lt could be sold off at an auction. The highest bidder could relive the greatest love stories.”

[The Best Offer – 2013]


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