Dialogue – 57 (People)

“In our culture, ‘loag’ have a bigger say than us….than any sane logic….than any established principle or code of conduct……than the religious guidance even…….. Every now and then I listen to ‘loag kiya kahen gey’, to which I feel helpless convincing my dear ones….. The thing is so richly engrained into our social fabric, that it seems we’d never get out of it…”

“So, what do you do then…?..”

“I submit to their demands, pressures and say….”

“Means, you end up into ‘loga kiya kahen gey’ mode…”

“Unfortunately, yes..”

“Have you ever thought, ‘Allah Taa’la kiya Kahain Gey’…?…”

“I have … But I have to live in this world… I have to keep those relations… I have to survive in the very society…”

“Hmmmmm….. This implies that sanity, logic, empathy, responsibility, and even God’s order can be ‘bent a little’ (“gunjaaish” in the words of His Highness Sadr e Mohtaram)… 🙂 …”

“LOL….. Yeah…. Well that’s not people like me want in first place…. Its just that they have to accept it…. These are harsh realities….”

“What a catchy phrase….. Harsh Realities…. Wow….”

“Now don’t start with your sarcasm…”

“O’ Really..!! If this is sarcasm, then what about it when we violate the norms in the garb of opinion of people…. People who claim to be our dear ones, but harm us in the long run…… People who won’t take our burden on the biggest day…!!…”

“Do you have a solution…?..”

“Listen… People treat us the way we ask them to…. And not the way we want them to… Wanna see it, look at how people treat you, or how you treat them… It’s not what you might have wanted to be treated as, but it’s how they have read you…..and they read you quite well, straight and clear… Our inner demands are very clear to everyone… We might think we are invisible….. We are not….. We are exposed by each word, text, word of mouth, referral, acceptance, rejection….everything… Everyone can read us…..some read us even better than others and even ourselves…..coz wo unn pre-conceptions, self deceipts mein nahin hotay jin mein hum hotay hein…..and they may even do it better than us….. That is why others always give us impartial perspective, sincere advice and balances judgments; provided they are sincere to us….”

“So what does it have to do with ‘loag kiya kahen gey’…”..?..”

“Loag (people) can read the extent to which you impart importance, significance and value to them… They use it for their good…. They even misuse and abuse it…. They exactly know your red lines… They know aapka melting point, boiling point kiya hai… They know your strengths and weaknesses, opportunities and threats……. So if you wanna live by a code of life, make it clear to them by your actions…. Make it clear to them that you are not a soft target…. Make it clear to them that this and this is what you want, and how you want, and they’d adjust….”

“Wow… Is it that simple as it seems…?..”

“It is not…. But how about living in the same agony, as your first line…?.. 🙂 …. Decision is yours…”

“Well, that’s logical..”

“You know, Abu Jehl (who was previously called Abul Ilm, due to his stature, wisdom and knowledge) and Abu Sufiyaan (later accepted Islam) once caught each other secretly listening to qirat of Quran by Prophet (PBUH) and Sahaba…. They infact used to frequently listen to it, as it was the divine truth…. They knew that it is the truth, but were reluctant to accept Islam…… They had publicized logics of ‘ye hamaaray baap-daada kay rastay se different hai’, and things like ‘Muhmmad-PBUH isay apnay paas se banaa laatay hein’ (al-ayaaz billah), and even ‘Muhammad-PBUH wants king-ship and wants to rule us’…. But, in the heart of heart, you know, what stopped them to recite kalma….?..”


“Loag kiya kahen gey…”


2 thoughts on “Dialogue – 57 (People)

  1. True. But I have seen my dad standing firm and strong on that. Only a few experiences in a lifetime, I have observed him surrendering to Loag Kia Kahain Gay. Mostly he behaved otherwise. To avert a Whirlpool type of attack, which keeps dragging one down every second, is hard for one floating close to the center of a moving water body, or a marsh. For one who is closer to the edge, it’s not that big of a deal. Allah Almighty, always kept my dad at the lip of the marsh called Dunya, and if by any means he had to adventure in the ‘Already Disturbed’ waters of people-politics, he had a canoe of indifference and unshaken trust in Allah. My brother’s​ matters, unfortunately lie in the middle of a tsunami Whirlpool, with ongoing activity around. He will emerge victorious once the fog fizzles off. Not because he has a stronger boat, but bacause he has a greater test in front of him. Allah challenges brave men, and proven steadfast promises great rewards. My brother is Alhamdulillah on the path of pious men, blessed companions( peace be upon them all). His positivity in Dunya itself is the first yield before the final harvest, Inshallah.

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    • Dad was a whole lot more than sum of us….parts.
      He had a clear, direct-dialing line…. He had “connections”…

      We have issues…..larger than expected, anticipated and prepared for…
      But then we have his blessings, his example and his blood…

      Thank you for your kind words….

      Mian Ehsan Bari once said, birds do not fly to come back…they fly only to go away…
      Your brother, once flown, finds it difficult to land…… With the near and dear ones now distant, the world means different to him. Everything appears distant to him….. The distances have become a part of him, a part essential and inseparable….

      The prayers and wishes those come by his side make him appear strong………andar kay halaat to Allah hi jaantay hein… 🙂

      Keep the blessings coming. They mean more than expressed, felt or understood…..


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