Watan ki Matti…..

“Barzakh” by Amjad Islam Amjad is a masterpiece.
Some of the poems were written in the backdrop of 1971 War. One such poem caught my eye, and somehow its most part was retained in memory since so many years.

As a nation, we have been through lots of stressful events in individual and collective lives right from the start. Alhamdolillah, we have not been very bad. We’ve been like everyone and anyone. The Qudrat’s reminders (better said, the consequences of our actions), however keep coming. Be it in the form of a disgraceful defeat / dismemberment of East Pakistan, or the venomous rulers, be it in the form of individual and collective bai-barkati or the looming threats (Pakistan is always, always on a ‘naazuk-morr’, per se), there is a silver-lining across the horizon. We have the capability, capacity and will to make a difference.

I reproduce the first part here. It is about realization, the responsibility and everything that went wrong. If the national leadership somehow can absorb it in true sense, it sure is bound to make a difference. As individuals even, it is a message of broken promises and unkept pledges. In its most true meaning, the first part of ‘Toubah’ is realization and acceptance of mistakes (the rest being: being sorry for those, pledging not to do again, and then, not doing again).

For the most part, I feel what we need is the realization and responsibility (‘Ehsaas’ – which Iqbal calls as “mataa-e-kaarwaan”). Only then, we can get on to make new pledges….
Hum gunah-gaar hein,
Aiy zameen-e-watan!
Hum gunah-gaar hein…

Hum ne nazmon mein teray chamaktay huay baam-o-dar kay jahaan-taab qissay likhay
Phool chehron pe shabnam si ghazlein kaheen, khwaab aankhon kay khushboo qaseeday likhay
Teray khaiton ki faslon ko sona gina, teri galiyyon mein dil kay jareeday likhay
Jin ko khud apni aankhon se dekha nahin, hum ne teri jabeen par wo lamhay likhay
Jo tasawwur kay lashkar mein larrtay rahay,
Hum wo salaar hein…
Aiy zameen-e-watan!
Hum gunah-gaar hein…

Jaagti aankh se khwaab dekhay, unhein apni marzi ki ta’beer detay rahay
Hum teray baar-war mousamon kay liye baad-e-sar-sar mein taaseer detay rahay
Hum andhairay manaazir ko roshan dinon ki ummeedon se tanveer detay rahay
Teray saahil ki aazaadiyon kay liye, hum talaatum ko zanjeer detay rahay
Jo hamesha tujhay aarzo kay jharokay se taktay rahay
Hum wo fankaar hein
Aiy zameen-e-watan!
Hum gunah-gaar hein…

Hum gunah-gaar hein aiy zameen e watan, hum teray dukh samandar se ghaafil rahay
Teray chehray ki ronaq dhuaan ho gaee, hum raheen-e-hadees-e-gham-e-dil rahay
Zulm kay roo-ba-roo lab kushaai na ki, iss tarah zaalimon mein bhi shaamil rahay
Hashr-aawar dinon mein jo souye rahay,
Hum wo bedaar hein
Aiy zameen-e-watan!
Hum gunah-gaar hein…

Jub teray zard parrtay huay mousamon ko mehekti shafaq ki zaroorat parri, hum ne apna lahoo aazmaaya nahin
Teri khushboo sakoon ki tamanna liye aandhiyoun kay jaloo mein bhataktee rahee, hum ne roka nahin
Teri matti nigaahon mein baadal liye khushk mosam kay rastay mein baithee rahee, hum ne dil ko samandar banaaya nahin
Teri izzat zamaanay kay bazaar mein dil jalaati hui boliyoun par biki, hum ne kaanon mein seesa utaara nahin…

Aiy zameen-e-watan!
Tujh ko tau ilm hay loag kyoon gard-e-raah-e-malaamat huay
Jin muhaafiz-numa dushmanon kay alum teray roshan lahoo ki shahaadat huay
Hum bhi unki siyaasat kay nakh-cheer hein, aasteenon kay jo saanp saabit huay
Hum bhi teri tarah saazishon ki hawaa kay giraftaar hein
Aiy zameen-e-watan!
Hum gunah-gaar hein…


[The complete poem can be heard at: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zJRjtnYq7GA%5D


2 thoughts on “Watan ki Matti…..

  1. احساس کو جھنجھوڑ دینے والی نظم ہے ۔۔۔ آپ نے درست کہا ایک شاہکار
    اللہ ہم میں احساس اور اپنی ذمہ داری خود پر لینے کی توفیق دے آمین!!
    جزاک اللہ

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