Friend’sMailz – Nagri nagri phira musaafir, ghar ka rasta bhool giya….

Time has changed us.
As the time passes, the luxuries are turning into necessities, or are at least perceived to be as such.

We are becoming short on quality time.

There were days when we used to send and receive letters. The envelopes, postal stamps, one odd telephone line around, ink-pens, and the list goes on.
Today, we have everything better, bigger and more, and yet we are busy into complex and difficult schedules of life, don’t find time to drop by friends, have to prepare ourselves (and the other side, by being ‘courteous’ to “call” before calling in) and have to ‘prioritize’ activities versus people versus interests versus prospects…

Yes, life is changed.

Meeting people on a casual note is no more different from making an official appointment. The gadgetry (meant to keep us close) has managed to create distances. Very few have survived the information ‘revolution’, and have been able to successfully keep their social, harmonious values.

In the “information age”, every other news is a false news (refer Every action and response is double-worded / acted, hypocritical and dual-faces are a normal thing. The other day I sent out a text “salaam” to all my contact-list. The response was so interesting. Almost 80 percent were worried if all was well with me, yet they inquired about my ‘well-being’ through a text only.. 🙂

Even with you, I have been long out of contact. Its some years now, that we had those carefree chats, calls and emails. You and I have been more than busy, more than ever. Yet, you find time to find me, get me out of my life’s (dis)comfort, and I end up in sending you an email and a blog-mail (that’s what I call it)… My blog-readers and followers might at first think it as just another post, but that’s just another letter to you… 🙂 …..

You were right…”The thrill and excitement of receiving actual mail in the mailbox from a friend or an acquaintance was so much more valuable and precious….the feeling was different and for those ‘now primitive methods’ or ‘so-called old-fashioned methods’ no one has the time….”

The cards and printed greeting make me happy. I send cards (and sometimes receive also) and letters. And my office Runners would think of me as an old-timer / alien, when they send my mail. Well, the time has really changed us.. 🙂

“Why has modern technology made us so lazy?”

It was aimed at making our lives easier, which it has.
The issue is with “ease”. The ease is simply not the solution to our problems. The solution is more toil, hard-work and energies put-in. It is about roughness and toughness, both physical and mental. Quite interestingly, theory of evolution insists on “survival of the fittest”, and it comes from nowhere but the West, the torch-bearer of all the technology and popular culture, where we don’t have time to burn calories, the calories accumulated over a time-wasted watching TV screens….. So everything has its flip side.
The bottom line is: whatever does not have balance, is not good. Be it ease, diet, love, religion or passion. Be it anything and everything.

Balance is the beauty of life. To some, it is the reason of existence… ~ Zindagi kiya hai, anaasir mein zahoor e tarteeb…. Mout kiya hai, inhee ajzaa ka pareshaan hona..

Your emails over the years have helped me think, act and groom myself into a better person. Yes, life has changed, so has the world……but I am happy that some people like you, do not change… 🙂 ….or if they do, its for the better.

Stay blessed.



3 thoughts on “Friend’sMailz – Nagri nagri phira musaafir, ghar ka rasta bhool giya….

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