A stop-over on memory-lane…. A letter to the School, from Parents.

Dear Principal,

Hope and pray you are in the best of health and spirits by The Grace of Allah Almighty.

I and my wife would like to express our appreciation for all the love, support, guidance, assistance and much more that you have done for our son, who had to leave the school this month in wake of our transfer / shifting to another city.

During our two-year stay at this city, we had a great experience while we sent our son to you for schooling. Thereat, our dear child was kept, groomed and taken care of in a way that has been exemplary and admirable – beyond words. Our kid had a second trusted home, and we feel we must inform you that “you are appreciated and the work you do and the support you give to the learners is simply excellent”. As parents and as your well-wishers, we really appreciate you all and wish Allah to give you much more strength and courage to do what you are destined to do. Having been students to the most wonderful tutors all our life, we think the prestige and dignity of these great people and this noble profession can never be truly honoured in words.

We have always felt more than satisfied with the education of our child at the school, but more than that we will remain ever thankful for extracurricular activities, the unending care and concern of tutors and school management towards his progress. We value the work of Principal and her team in our most treasured opinions; like in the words of William Arthur Ward, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”

This letter is being sent to you as a token of felicitation, remembrance and gratitude. Please send forth our deepest regards to your able faculty-members and staff at the campus (and at all other set-ups, as a matter of appreciation-at-large), whose commendable professional approach and admirable attitude have become inspired memories that will always hold the institution high in our thoughts and prayers. May Allah Bless you with even higher laurels in future. Aameen.


The Parents


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