Pakistani Public – The Central Pedestal of War Strategy

The public and the security forces have become entwined on the all-encompassing battlefield of terrorism. Both the public and the military are combatants and the battlefield is their homeland; consequently, war strategy must take these factors into account. The implications of this new war on the relationship between the public and its military are as enormous as they are unprecedented. Education and involvement of Pakistani public in this war needs to be managed in a better manner. The public, as a full partner in this war, deserves the facts, including complete lay-down of hostile elements, organizations and their capabilities. In this war, soldiers and civilians are one and the same – active participants in the apprehension and destruction of terrorists. They share the same dangers, vulnerabilities and hardships – they should share the same information. It is equally important for a civilian to remain vigilant as it is for a soldier deployed, as both are equally susceptible to attack. Clearly, there is no other way to win the war on terrorism. Additionally, the fringe benefits of such a strategy are enormous. Engaging the public furthers their understanding of the military and its culture. It compensates for the lack of interaction in parts of the country with limited military presence by exposing them to military personnel first hand.


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