Ilm kitaabi magh’ron laa kay…. Haq diyyan mundaraan, kanni paa kay….. Uddi jaa, Uddi jaa…

It is said, “Aankh bhi ajeeb shay hai…. Jab tak band nahin hoti, ye khulti hi nahin…”

Looking into invisible (involving insight and vision), hearing what is inaudible (involving listening), and sensing what is un-felt is to look for deeper meanings to everything. There are different parallel realities in life, which come up when we align ourselves in the direction of soul. Then, our heart, mind and all energies focus on our-self.

The singularity of focus makes us understand things like never before. Result is aasaani, goodness and usefulness in humane dimension. The ideas, innovations, creations and out-of-box solutions came up over the history, through people who thought and felt and saw…….over and above the trivial, routine and day-to-day. Other than Prophets deputed by God, those were scientists, engineers, mystics, philosophers, innovators, educators…

Quraan tells us that khair-e-kaseer (a combination of abundant goodness, wisdom, virtue and service) is a part of Allah’s blessing on to people.

“Jisay hikmat ataa kee gayee, usay khair-e-kaseer ataa ki gayee…” [Al Baqarah – 269]

Steve Jobs is one such example, who we had the honour to see in our lives, and who changed the meaning of the term “possibility” to newer dimensions and horizons. Just for example, the concept of touch-phone (iPhone) has changed our world like never before. It literally has brought everything onto our finger-tips. The movie ‘Jobs’ captures his persona in a beautiful way, and helps us identify the core and dynamics of innovation coupled with human capabilities, mental resilience, living for a higher purpose than survival only, hope, courage, change management, visualizing future, and endurance.

Someone once asked, why there always a gathering of people on the resting places of saints?
Answer was: Saints lived for a higher purpose, and for humanity. Thus, they live forever.
Shaheeds are like that.


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