Dialogue – 66 (Online relationships)

“Do online relationships exist…?… Is there love, trust, selflessness, respect, bonding, affection in online interactions…?….”

“Bhai, relationship, relationship hota hai….online ho ya offline…. 🙂 ….”

“Ab ziaada Raisani na banein……. Guide karen…… Hamaari sociology ki class ka project hai… Mujhay koi theme chaahiye, ideas chaahiyein, opinion chaahiye……..”

” ~ Kitaabon se daleelein doon ya khud ko saamnay rakhkhoon….. Wo mujh se pooch baitha hai, mohabbat kis ko kehtay hein…… 😉 …”

“…. Ab buss kar dein.. Jaantay hein aapko bhi hum…. 🙂 … Abhi Bhabi ko info karoon, to tabiyyat bilkul set ho jaaye gi aapki ..”

“Ok Ok…. Daraatay kyoon ho yaar….. Let me tell you my bit on this:

Love is ghost to most of us, because we have not lived it… Love is not done or made, it happens… Love is not shown, its worn and bred and valued. Love is not told or expressed, it is evident. If someone actually loves you, they will never say it.

Romance is an almost taboo-word here.

We have to cross many steps and stages to understand this, primarily since we don’t know the meanings of relations and love in the first place.

The definitions of love that we have had – round the corner – were meant and made from people, like those (who could not watch) who explained about an elephant in an anecdote. For some, it was a long tail only, for others it was trunk or big ears or ivory only.

Love is not so much a subtle emotion. We wear it and say it and hear and feel it and smell it and taste it and sense it, so loud and explicit. Wanna see the amount of love in real, look into the eyes, see into the voice and think into the words. Wanna see the quantity of love online, see the amount of connection, quality of longing, degree of concern and power of observation.

‘True love’ is like an over-statement. Love has to be true. If it has to be stated as true, its probably less of love.

I think, terms like “true love” and “khaalis makhan” were created because we humans are so polluted both in inner and outer worlds. Since we do not mean what we say, the meanings of words is becoming fast changing, and we have to justify things to people because of the social entropy.

In “online” scenarios, we are actually more real, as we are at our best. We show our inner face easily, as we think we are not visible, so we care less about some things which we think do not matter, and we care more about things that do matter in our view (with regard to conformity, etc). In the process, our sub-conscious takes over, and we don’t know it (that is why, the hate as well as hope is spread so easily through social media). But as our responses are recorded and can be re-read, analyzed and evaluated (not like real life, where there’s no memorization of this order), we are better assessed 🙂 ….. (Unfortunately though) the superficiality of online relationships is very well-gauged from the fact that people are not interested in a relationship……they are interested into something else, in directions other than those of relationships.

Technology is the way of life of modern time, and it will add more and more of machines to our life in future. While technology might have its own limitations, the vast playing field that it has provided and the freedom that it has brought onto the mankind is beyond appreciation. In the end, its about us. Do we want technology to matter more than us, or do we want to use it as a tool, like others. Do we want to create and spread love using it, or we want to deceive ourselves with love-like things, and blame technology in the end….

Virtual intimacy and active online emotions are real things. Most of us have experienced it, like any other reality. Amount of love and longing is probably more when we miss someone, and technology makes us miss them more and more…….that is why, an emergency phone call is more painful than seeing them close their eyes in front of us, and an awaited phone call (or message) makes us miss people more, than their awaited visits.

“What We Are is the sum of everything we’ve ever said, done, felt…..” [by Rosario Dawson, in the film ‘Trance’]

I think love is the sum total of our emotions, and is the bridge between us and everything else.

Basheer Badar said and I quote:

~ Pencilon si taraashi hui larkiyaan, tteen kay noujawan, mukhtalif rang mein..
Dost hein, dosti se magar bai khabar, dushman-e-jaan hein laikin khafaa tak nahin….!

It is so true for the young girls and boys today, who do not think about the consequences of technology’s use, and its effects those cast lifetime imprints…..

And regarding your question about ‘love, trust, selflessness, respect, bonding, affection in online interactions’, I’d say that everyone of these things exists in online as well as offline relationships….. You just have to chew, digest and wear those things, and have to respect the red-lines given by Allah, which are mentioned in Quran and Sunnah..”

“Means, in the end, it depends on us….”

“Everything depends on us my dear….. Aapka kiya khayaal hai, Allah ne aapko ‘choice’ sirf menu aur ice-cream flavours choose karnay kay liye di thee…?.. 🙂 … Kaee baar sirf aik choice jannat / dozakh ka faisla kar saktee hai…..”


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