Friend’sMailz – Duniya ko hai phir ma’rka e rooh-o-badan paish…..

“And on top of everything else, the years, the months, the days, the hours, the minutes and seconds are just passing us by…’

Yes. But no..

Each day and week and month passes just like a click. In the end of times, it is supposed to be so; well, I take it personally. Each one of us is spending time, not gaining it. Thus, when we add a year to our life on our birthday, we actually get a year younger, not older…. That’s pretty perspective based, but its true, and it has been said by none else but Hazrat Imam Hassan (RA). In the end, the earthly life stops, we enter into the next world, the eternal world. At that moment in time (and even in years close to our final call), we realize that it was not the quantity of years in life those counted. It was the quality of life in years that counted. Most of us waste our life by being in the wrong lane, bus, train or flight. The last regrets are usual of the sorts, and rightly so..

Well I think, the amount of quality time has decreased not due to technology, but due to us – ourselves. PCs and TVs and social media do not tell us to keep clinging to them, nor do those ruin our time management. Its a personal affair. Similarly, we hear things of the sort that “ab to naiki ka zamaana hi nahin raha” or “bai-barkatee ka dour hai”…. Well, everything has perspective, reasons, causes… Everything is NOT an effect. Some are fruits. Fruits of our priorities, our longings and our decisions.

The fast-lane we are in, makes us lose grip of details, ability to absorb and capacity to understand. We tend to gulp everything down, and remain shallow in the end. The information has become a fast food. The thought process has diminished. The intelligent now think smart-work is the key to everything. Optimization has been replaced by maximization. Values are being replaced by cost, price and profit of things, relations and people. Media Industry (an oxymoron in itself) is the forerunner to the (dis)information-age. There was a time when kids used to get educated at schools and colleges. Now they get qualified. Obviously, the technology did not do it to us. We had our own hand-grips, thumbs and fingers on the keyboards, key-pads and play-stations.

Yours and my generation has lived its half-line of life, and is moving towards the last-quarter fast. We feel we have so much to do in so less a time….

Itni lambi umer main kiya kiya na kar chuknay ki dhunn
Itni chhotti umer mein kuch bhi na kar saknay ka dar

The time moves fast, but then each day we are given 24 hrs of time, which does not go faster than our thoughts, imaginations and acts. You are right about future in the sense that it is vague, uncertain and may be full of smoke (in Pakistan). May be yes. But then, the future was always like that. It was and is supposed to be like that. Regarding Pakistan, I see an opportunity in the making. People now talk about change more than ever. They are going to get good leadership Insha-Allah. Things will change. Unlike most world nations, we did not get this country through an armed struggle or a blood-stained revolution or a mutiny or simple cut-into-pieces’ cake or through forceful conversions or a sham UN resolution or by forceful oppression and rooting out of locals… We got it in the name of Allah, and on the basis of Kalma-e-Tayyaba.

Yes, people are impatient, anxious, depressed… Yes, they play foul. But then, here we have people like Dr Adeeb ul Hasan and Dr Amjad Saqib also.

I assure you, when you come over to Pakistan next time, I’d take you to at least three of such islands of excellence, which will make you believe that the change is coming.

And, when you think of Pakistan next time, do pray + tune the PTV Home or International, and not the Musharraf-media (the media “freed” or must I say: unleashed…..)

Stay blessed…



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