Friend’sMailz – “Just like that….”

We all want to stop the time. But in the end, it transpires that like everything else, time was also not in our control…….(like everything else) we had been thinking it was… 🙂

Time waits for no one. It is may be not vicious, but it is sure, unforgiving. They say, the time you realize your father was right, you have a son who thinks you are wrong. Interesting it is, as mush as its true and relevant. Not long ago, we looked forward to graduate, and now, we look up to our kids’ graduate from schools and then in majors.

Parenting teaches us so much, that grey hair don’t… The kid always remains a kid. My grandfather had always called my father as “kaka”.. He was his kaka till the end. Our relationships stop us in time & space, and in heart & mind. The graduated kid is still Mommy’s sweetheart and Daddy’s munchkin. On eve of passing out of flyers, one of the Mothers said, “Kiddo, please fly low and slow…..”. That’s one way of saying “I love you my dear”….

Our relationships, longings, attachments and contacts are the manifestations of our love, care and concern for people. You are right, today we do not see each other other than occasions (nor do we expect – frankly speaking!). This is the amount of gross absence of love around us. The indifference is in the air. Gone are the days when we met just to keep in touch, visited just to keep the relations warm, talked just to communicate and express, and connected just to care. Our inventions (watches, clocks, planners, calendars and schedulers) are now dictating us to make “use” of our time, and infusing us with the wisdom that surpasses intangibles like a word of care, a hand of pat, a shoulder to cry on, and a kiss of good-bye. Today, the love is in the movies, the care is in the advertisements, the concern is in the breaking news, the connectivity is on social media, and the communications is in the gadgets.

Then is the complaining part… This again was never there before.
More often than not, we hear things like “You have just vanished…… You’ve got busy…. You don’t come over now…”. The interesting part in all these conversations is that its always “you” who doesn’t meet up.. 🙂

Lucky is he who has the friends and relations and contacts who meet him out of blue, just like that, in surprise visits and without an agenda. Well, most people are not. The social values therefore are converging towards self-centered approach. Islam leads us here: “The best of Deen is, when you say salaam and feed to everyone that you know, or do not….” [Hadees e Rasool, PBUH – Bukhari, Kitaab ul Eemaan]

Across the history, our saints and elders just did that. Today, if we want to connect to people just like that, we must pay them compliments and feast them just like that. As you said, it is a wonderful feeling when you met people just like that…

Being on a school council is a matter of accomplishment, remembrance and honour….infact, a legacy. Amongst the best moments of parenting are when you see your kid for the first time, when you see him take his first step, when you see him performing well in school. A life well-spent is evident from a capable next-generation, who are ready to take on challenges of life, are resilient to face odds, have a heart (literally 🙂 ), recognize the world and the after-world.

My prayer for our kids:
“May Allah bless you with the best of everything and everyone. May you be a guiding light and a righteous beacon for at least one person on this earth. May you be amongst the people who matter to the world, and not to whom the world matters… Aameen.”


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