Dialogue – 73 (Wheels of life’s transport…)

“Are husband and wife really the (two) wheels of a transport, as it is mentioned frequently…!”

“Yes, they are the two wheels of the life’s bicycle….or two sets of wheels of the life’s car…. 🙂 ”

“And how do you actually describe them..?”

“You see, all bicycles and most cars are rear-wheel driven….”

“Yes, indeed…”

“But, the direction is only changed by front wheel… 🙂 …”

“Now you are getting gender-biased…”

“Hahaha… Well, that’s the reality… Allah has made the males, responsible for some things which females are not; and vice versa.. Command is one such responsibility… Plus, in this metaphor of ‘wheels’, we have to understand some things, more than who is on the front wheel, and who runs the transport as rear wheel…”

“And those are…?..”

“They are:
1. Clarity of who controls the direction (front wheels) must be there…
2. All wheels must rotate in the same direction….
3. All wheels must be aligned with each other (on same frontal axis), balanced within and have good condition, maintenance and frequent inspections….
4. Replacement of a wheel, when it breaks down….
5. Maintaining proper air pressure….
6. Slowing down the vehicle when the road gets rough, or wheels will be damaged….
7. No over-loading of transport……otherwise, the wheels will be constantly under over-pressure…..
8. The best and more costly, all-weather, all-terrain vehicles, like SUVs are ‘Four-Wheel-Drive’…. Understand this term in above connotation, and your life will be heaven, if all wheels turn simultaneously, in harmony and resonance….”

But, the most important aspect is something else….”

“And what’s that..?..”

“We give examples like ‘couple-are-wheels’, because we understand the importance of wheels for a transport… Just go one step further, and make this understanding a good part of your acts, and your life will be a smooth drive… Take care of your wheels, their condition, look for cuts, and punctures, wearing out, go for retreading, polish / clean them up regularly, remove pebbles from their grooves, and do take care of the most important component of a wheel, which bears the whole load of transport….”

“Which component..?..”

“Theoretically, the whole weight / mass of a vehicle acts at CG / CM (Center of Gravity / Mass)… On a practical note, the component which is actually sustaining, keeping and bearing the whole weight of the vehicle is the charging value of tyre… 🙂 ”

“Wow… That’s a news…..”

“Keep your pressure valves in good quality and condition… They do not let the air out, which carries all your weight in a tyre, and keeps you running on a road…. So actually, you are running on air… 😛 ”

“.. 🙂 …”

“Relationships need care and maintenance….. Like periodic checks….. Scheduled and unscheduled care….. Before long trips…… And during the journeys: Frequent stop-overs, cooling of engines, care of tyres and cleaning up….. It is no coincidence, that the best kept cares run decades of use, like best kept relations…..”


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