Umair’s Tagline – 13

روز عامِل بدلتا ہوں

تیرا آسیب مگر جاتا نہیں۔۔۔

Tip-Tip 19

5 things to be stopped henceforth…. 

– Trying to please everyone
– Fearing change
– Living in the past
– Putting yourself down
– Overthinking

Memories – 17

اْس نے اپنے خط میں مْجھ کو کتنے درد سے لکھّا ہے

اب تو گاؤں آیا کرنا اب تو سڑکیں پکّی ہیں



ایکسٹرا ڈرِل اور گیمز اور پی ٹی، کیسے کیسے بوجھ ہیں ہم پر

اِتنا رگڑا سہہ نہیں سکتے، عْمریں اپنی کچّی ہیں

[اب تو گاؤں آیا کرنا اب تو سڑکیں پکّی ہیں]

During a class of Sir Anwar Ali Chaudhry…. 🙂

Wisdom Pearls – 22

  • There are four causes of infidelity and loss of belief in Allah: hankering after whims, a passion to dispute every argument, deviation from truth; and dissension, because whoever hankers after whims does not incline towards truth; whoever keeps on disputing every argument on account of his ignorance, will always remain blind to truth, whoever deviates from truth because of ignorance, will always take good for evil and evil for good and he will always remain intoxicated with misguidance. And whoever makes a breach (with Allah and His Messenger) his path becomes difficult, his affairs will become complicated and his way to salvation will be uncertain. (Hazrat Ali bin Abu Talib RA)
  • The worst un-sociableness is that of vanity and self-glorification; and the best nobility of decency exhibits itself in politeness and in refinement of manner. (Hazrat Ali bin Abu Talib RA)
  • The sin which makes you sad and repentant is more liked by Allah than the good deed which turns you arrogant. (Hazrat Ali bin Abu Talib RA)
  • Be afraid of a gentleman when he is hungry, and of a mean person when his stomach is full. (Hazrat Ali bin Abu Talib RA)
  • To refrain from unlawful and impious source of pleasures is an ornament to the poor and to be thankful for the riches granted is the adornment of wealth. (Hazrat Ali bin Abu Talib RA)
  • An ignorant person will always overdo a thing or neglect it totally. (Hazrat Ali bin Abu Talib RA)
  • He who is greedy is disgraced; he who discloses his hardship will always be humiliated; he who has no control over his tongue will often have to face discomfort. (Hazrat Ali bin Abu Talib RA)
  • A conceited and self-admiring person is disliked by others; charity and alms are the best remedy for ailments and calamities; one has to account in the next world for the deeds that he has done in this world. (Hazrat Ali bin Abu Talib RA)
  • Unfortunate is he who cannot gain a few sincere friends during his life and more unfortunate is the one who has gained them and then lost them (through his deeds). (Hazrat Ali bin Abu Talib RA)
  • Every person who is tempted to go astray, does not deserve punishment. (Hazrat Ali bin Abu Talib RA)
  • Your society will pass through a period when cunning and crafty intriguers will be favoured by status, when profligates will be considered as well-bred, well-behaved and elegant elites of the society, when just and honest persons will be considered as weaklings, when charity will be considered as a loss to wealth and property, when support and help to each other will be considered as favour and benevolence and when prayers and worship to Allah will be taken up for the sake of show to gain popularity and higher status, at such times regimes will be run under the advice of women and the youngsters will be the rulers and counsellors of the State. (Hazrat Ali bin Abu Talib RA)
  • Value of a man depends upon his courage; his veracity depends upon his self-respect and his chastity depends upon his sense of honour. (Hazrat Ali bin Abu Talib RA)
  • I appreciate an old man’s cautious opinion more than the valour of a young man. (Hazrat Ali bin Abu Talib RA)

A ‘masterpiece’ by man is a work of art…. Handcrafted with love, skilled with passion, designed with excellence and imperfected by its unique flaws… A Masterpiece by God is nothing but perfect…. [A dedication to Faiz Ahmad Faiz and Nayyara Noor]



Umair’s Tagline – 12

محبت اْن کو ملتی ہے۔۔۔ جنہیں کرنی نہیں آتی

Dialogue – 78 (Dis-informations / Mis-conceptions)

[This dialogue is a tribute to “Mushaf” by Nirmah Ahmed….]



“Wanna eat ice cream…?..”


“Here it is…”

“Thank you…. Which ice cream it is..?”


“Walls is not an ice cream…!!..”

“Good God… What are you saying…?..”

“I am saying, Walls is not an ice cream…. Yes, its a fact….!”

“But how..!?… Why…?..”

“Dear! There is a difference between perception and reality… We live in a world of information, hence information must be authenticated always…. Have you ever seen words ‘ice-cream’ written on any Walls product in Pakistan, except Magnum….?…”

“Well, I did not try…. Lets see this packing….. Hmm… Nowhere do I find words ‘ice-cream’… 😦 …. Means, all these years, I have been eating something else in the name of ice-cream…!! Would you please tell me why it is not an ice cream…!?..”

“.. 🙂 …. Because it is not dairy-based product… Its all chemicals…. That’s why they cannot write ice-cream with their product, as per food regulations…. So, they write ‘dessert’…. 🙂 .. The companies which use milk based products in their ice cream, can and do write these words on their ice-cream; like Hico and Omore… Try Magnum by Walls, and you’d know whats an actual ice-cream… 🙂 …”

“Hmmmmmm…. That’s a strange info for me…!”

“Do you know how much percentage of our budget is spent on Armed Forces of Pakistan, annually…?…”

“Almost 70 percent…”

“Wrong…. Have you checked it…?..”

“No man…”

“It was never 70 percent… It’s almost 18 percent…. That’s an other misconception, or may I say: disinformation….”


“Do you know how many aayaat are there in Quran..?..”


“Wrong.. Those are 6236…”

“Do you know which is the longest aayat of Quran….”

“Aayat ul Kursi…”

“Well, to your dismay it is not…. It is aayat 282 of Soorah Al Baqarah…”

“That’s so weird…!…”

“May be its just new…”


“Perception is perhaps only weird…. But misinformation and disinformation are dangerous….. There are people who take decisions without authenticating facts… You know, some weeks back a Muslim man known as Mashal Khan was killed in the name of God, by Muslims, in a country built in the name of God… His killers raised loud slogans of ‘Allah o Akbar’ while slaining him, and termed their act as a step to keep the Hurmat of Namoos e Risaalat (PBUH)….. It was all due to disinformation, basically….. In the same country, there were people who used to blow themselves up in markets and mosques and schools and churches, shouting Allah o Akbar, and even had Fawaata issued by religious Muftis in their favour….!!…. It took fifteen years of this nation to separate facts from disinformation, and lives of almost 70,000 people too…”

“So, what to do….?….”

“Always go to source for authentication… Our Nabi e Kareem’s (PBUH) first titles were ‘Sadiq’ and ‘Ameen’… That means, the first quality of a Muslim is about the attribute of truthfulness….. Dig out facts….. Ask for sources…. Confirm things first….. There is a Hadees e Rasool (PBUH) which means, ‘Do not pass on a news, without authenticating it’ (words to that effect)…”


“Let me tell you a personal experience…. During Operation Raah-e-Raast, Troops under my command arrested a would-be suicide-bomber in Orakzai Agency… We took him to our unit, and locked him up…. He was a kid of 14 years’ age…. We started to interrogate him, in Urdu and Pashto.. He would not answer us, not even talk to us, and shout, ‘You are all kaafir, and I will not talk to you… You will burn in hell’… The whole night passed. He threw away the food and water served to him… Considering him a young lad, I did not want to use any pressure technique on him…. I kept thinking, what to do…. He was not uttering a single word, and was hostile, throwing away things around, refusing to sleep even… We tried to feed him with force, and he made quite a fuss and bite our men and hit his head on walls….. I had lesser service, and had no idea what to do…. We decided to shift him to Peshawar and hand him over to Military Intelligence the next day…. We actually wanted that he should open his mouth now and give us information… At Fajr time, I spread out my jai-namaaz in front his detention cell, and offered Fajr prayers there, asking Allah to make him talk to us, or at least have food and not die of malnutrition…… To my astonishment, he stood up, kept staring at me for a while and then broke down into tears, while saying a sentence in Pashto which I would never forget my whole life…… He was then completely broken, and gave us very important information about his sources and handlers……”

“What did he say…?..”

” He said, ‘OMG! OMG! OMG! You are Muslim…!!…!!!….”
(He was brain-washed to such a high degree, that he had firm faith in the fact that we all were Kaafirs, and only he and his peers were Muslims…)

“Any lifetime tip to be on right path…?..”

“… Always read, consult and follow Mushaf….”


“The Book… Al-Quran…”

“Its name is Mushaf…!… But its name is Quran only…”

“… 🙂 …. Yes…. Is it not Mushaf..!… Al-Mushaf, Al-Shareef…. You see, there are Muslims outside Indo-Pak too….. 🙂 …..”