Self-Description 38

An Engineering student attended a Medical exam by mistake.

See his answers…


  1. Antibody – One who hates his body.

  2. Artery – Study of Fine Paintings or study of military guns, not sure.

  3. Bacteria – Back door of a Cafeteria.

  4. Coma – Punctuation Mark.

  5. Gall Bladder – Bladder of a Girl.

  6. Genes – Blue Denim.

  7. Labour Pain – Hurt at Work.

  8. Parotitis – Information about the parrots.

  9. Ultrasound – Radical sound that is above human hearing capacity, such as wife’s talk.

  10. Cardiology – Advanced Study of Playing Cards…..

  11. Dyspepsia : Difficulty in drinking pepsi.

  12. Chicken Pox- A Non-Vegetarian continental dish.

  13. CT Scan: Test for identifying person’s city

  14. Radiology- the study of how Radio works

  15. Urology: the study of european people


[On a personal note, the guy just gave the right answers as per the questions’ wordings…especially No 9 😇 ]


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