(Unlike) “The more you sweat in peace, the less you bleed in war”…. Dead-right Dialogues from a deadly film….

“Why do you want to be a narc?

“I want to, um, serve my community
By ridding it of dangerous drugs.

“Right. Right. But why do you want to be a narc?

“Ha ha ha. Uh, I want to make detective.”

“There you go. You can do it.
Stick with me. You can do it.
Unlearn that thing they teach you at the academy, though.”


“Let’s just not talk about my wife, all right?

“Yeah, that’s my point, you see?
You’re so in love,
It s coming out of your eyes.
The day you bring your old lady to the office
Is the day that you don’t make it back home.
You got to hide that love deep inside you, you understand?
Otherwise, these maggots out here on the street,
They’ll find it.
They’ll use it against you,
And they will chew you up…
Never wear that wedding ring to work.”


“Yeah, well, I…
I already figured them out.”

“Oh, yeah?
Oh, really?”


“You already figured the streets out?”

“Yeah, well, it’s…
It’s all about smiles and cries.”

“Hey, hold on, Alonzo.
Hold on, hold on.
Smiles and cries.”

“Smiles and cries.”

“Smiles and cries.
I hear you.”

“Yeah, you got to…
You got to control your smiles and cries,
Because that’s all you have,
And nobody can take that away from you.”

“You want a beer?”

“No, I don’t want a beer, man.”

“No? You mad?
You want to book that 60 bucks, huh?
Here. Go ahead.
Book it into evidence, man.
Where are your suspects, though?”
You got to go back and get the suspects.”

“I don’t know where they are.
You let them go.”

“I let them go.”

“Yeah, you let them go.

“Hey, man, you want to run and gun, man,
Stay in patrol, OK?
This is investigations,
Let the garbage men handle the garbage.
We’re professional anglers, OK?
We go after the big fish.
Chasing them…
Anyway! You know,
They’d have killed you
without hesitating.”

“That’s why they belong in prison.”

“For what?
They got beat down,
They lost their rock,
they lost their money.
I mean, Jesus, what more you want?”

“I want justice.”

“Is that not justice?”

“That’s street justice.”

“What’s wrong with street justice?
Just let the animals wipe themselves out.”

“God willing! Kill them!!
And everybody who looks like them….!”

“Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.
The good guys, they die first, right?
The school kids and moms, family men…
They the ones catch the stray bullets
In the noodle.
To protect the sheep, you got to catch the wolf,
And it takes a wolf to catch a wolf.”



“You all right?
It behooves you not to fool around
On this one.
Justifiable homicide in the line of duty, OK?
Now what happened…”

“What happened was murder…
And armed robbery.”

“Oh, wait. We…”

“We had badges, so it’s different?

“Oh, son, open your eyes.
Can’t you see? Huh?”

“That man was your friend,
And you killed him like a fly. Come on.”

“My friend, huh?”


“Tell me why.
Because he knows my first name?”


“It is this way, man.
I’m sorry I exposed you to it, but it is.
It’s ugly, but it’s necessary.”

“I became a cop to put away drug dealers,
The poisoners, the criminals, not to be one.”

“You sound just like me,
And I know what you’re going through.
I know what you’re feeling.
You’re scared.”

“I’m not scared.
Yes, you are.
You’re terrified.
Everybody goes through that the first time.
I went through it.
The sooner you can match what’s in your head
With what’s going on in the real world,
The better you’re going to feel.
In this business,
You got to have a little dirt on you
For anybody to trust you,
And when all thisis behind you,
There’s going to bea whole other world
That opens up for you.
I walk a higher path, son.
I can give you the keys to all the doors.”

“What are you talking about?”

“My guys are pretty good, but they’re not leaders.
They’re clowns.
You’re a leader.
You want my job? You got it.
You want to lock up poisoners? This is the best place
to do it.
But you got to just, you know, take your time.
You make detective. You play the game.
You grow wise, and then you can change things,
But you got to change them from the inside, son.”



(Training Day -2001)


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