Dialogue – 75 (Happiness is when you really mean more than “some one” to someone….)

[This post is a dedication…]


“What is happiness…?”

“To know this, you have to first look for the most happy people around…. Do you see them?.. Those, who are most happy people in / around us?….”

“The kids…!”

“Exactly… 🙂 …”

“What about its exact definition….?…”

“Happiness could be anything to anyone…. The exact definition would be difficult… However, it has certain qualities…. Happy people have those attributes….”

“And those are…?..”

“Loving the people around you, appreciating the things around you and liking what you do…… Happy people judge the least and forgive the most… They live neither in past or future… They are Saahib-e-Haal.… Kids are like that….”


“Well, as we grow big, happiness also changes its form… In my experience, I have felt most happy when I was of a value to someone, in terms of hope, support, help, assistance, pat, or may be just being there for them… Happiness is therefore, wearing the Godly attributes…. Its about connecting to our higher purpose…”

“And what’s the higher purpose, like…?..”

“Aayat 29 of Soorah Al Fajr reads: ‘O you peaceful soul; Return to your Lord well pleased with Him, and He well pleased with you; So, enter you among My chosen bondmen. And come to My Garden….’ راضیۃً مرضیۃ … That is about Raazi Ba Razaa souls…. That’s about the actual happiness….”

“And if someone is not lucky enough to be such a soul…? + Adversely affected by their circumstances….! ”

“In that case, try to make someone happy…. Happiness is a crazy arithmetic and strange bio-medic… It is a contagious cure, and multiplies when divided… 🙂 ….”




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