Gratitude – 5

سمندروں کے سفر پہ نِکلو، تو اس جزیرے پہ بھی اْترنا۔۔۔


Ali Garh Public School & College, Manga is a residential educational institute, located at Multan Road, half-hour drive from Lahore. The School is running under the auspice of “Tehzibul Aklaq Trust”.

The aim and objective of institute is provision of standard education & training to students for the qualification of SSC Exam, and to ensure their all round development as per true Islamic Values and national aspirations, so as to mould them as really useful and successful citizens for serving the county and the nation.

The existing Manga Project is, in fact, the foundation stone for the proposed New Aligarh University for which the vast area of Manga Campus is an ideal location. The Master plan of the Campus has already been prepared and soon after availability of funds, INSHA ALLAH, the construction work will start. The old student of this school (or of any institution run by the trust) and their children, of course, have the first priority for admission to any department of the proposed University.

The institute is being headed by Squadron Leader Abdul Naeem Khan (Retd), a visionary educationist with rich experience while he has been serving in PAF. I take pride to be amongst his students, and wish him and the institute all the best in years to come.




To some people, we owe our lives…

They are called life-savers, mentors, gurus.

For Sir Naeem, there is no appropriate word to describe…. Its the personalities of his students that describe him.


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