“Our deeds are like our monuments…. built with memories…..”

“You brought me out of the shadows.
You lifted me from the ground.
Brought me back to life.
We climbed the steps…
to the wonder.
I’d never hoped
to love again.
I’ll go wherever you go.”


“What is this love
that loves us?
That comes from nowhere.
From all around.
The sky.
You, cloud.
there is a love…”

“…That is like a stream
that goes dry
When rain
no longer feeds it.
But there is a love…
..That is like a spring
coming up from the earth.
The first is human love,
the second is divine love.
And has its source above.”

“My mother says,
I’m chasing moonbeams.
I told her I’d rather
Have a moonbeam than
The life I had before.”

“It’s very hard to be
The one
who loves less,
The one who’s stronger.
You have to struggle
with yourself.
You have to struggle
with your own…



[To The Wonder – 2012]


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