“There is no limit to over-work”…. (say the ‘ruined lives’)

“You know, you could have told me.
I might have covered it anyway.”

Look, I get it.
Nobody really cares that I can do this job, but, uh…
But I can.
I wanted you to see that.”

“That was a great story, Mike.
That was…
that was better than a great story,
that was great television. I mean,
that was… bran with a doughnut.
A bran doughnut.”

“I’ve got a grandkid.
Did you know that?
I haven’t seen him since I got fired.
I was embarrassed…
after all I’d accomplished.
And then to…
come back to the news…this way.
The truth is, I’d…
I’d screwed up with my kids…
way before I got canned.
Anyway, I… I was never at home and…
when I was,
I took every phone call,
watching TV
out of the corner of my eye…
Why am I telling you this?
You’re worse than I am.
You’d sleep at the office
if you could.
Let me tell you
how it turns out.
You end up with…
with nothing.
Which is…
which is what I had…
till you came along.”

“Wait a second.
Did you just say
something nice to me?”

“I told you
I could banter.”


[Morning Glory – 2010]


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