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فکر کی قید سے آزاد ہیں ہم ۔۔۔۔

Noteworthy dialogues from an overall unimpressive film

“Does it take a catastrophe to learn our lesson?

Does it take a catastrophe to learn our lesson?

To get our attention?

Nothing changes behavior like pain.

Maybe pain can save us.”

Robert: “This is a cylinder seal… made of ivory.”

Sienna: “No.It’s bone.Human.”
Robert: “Three-headed, man-eating Satan.

A common image from the Middle Ages.

Associated with the Black Plague.

The three gnashing mouths are symbolic…of how effectively the plague ate through the population.”

Sienna: “Yet you can’t remember the word for coffee.”

Robert Langdon: “We met?”

Sienna Brooks: “Sorry, that’s not quite fair. I was 9 years old at the time.”

Robert Langdon: “Wait, wait, 9, 9 years old?”

Sienna Brooks: “I was crazy about puzzles. And I liked your books. Maybe not Lost Language of Ideograms. But the others.”

Robert Langdon: “Okay.”

Sienna Brooks: “I read them all.”

Robert Langdon: “What a weird kid.”

Sienna Brooks: “I was, actually.’

Robert Langdon: ‘Did I say that out loud?”

Sienna Brooks: “You did.”

Sienna: “Why didn’t you tell me about Ignazio?”

Robert: “Would you have helped me if you knew I was a thief?”

Sienna: “You lied to me when you asked my help.”

Robert: “Well, technically, I withheld.”

Robert: “If I really took that mask…”

Sienna: “You did take the mask. I just saw you.”

Robert: “This is not your problem.You don’t have to stay.”

Aienna: “Of course I do. Human lives are at stake. I just want to know that I’m on the right side.”

Robert: “You are. I swear.”

Elizabeth: “I should probably have had… Yeah. I don’t know.”

Robert: “What? You have always blamed yourself for things that weren’t your fault.”

“Still very sweet.”

“Here. The doorway.”

“I wish it would’ve happened differently back then.”

“We didn’t look after it. It fell apart.”

“Is that a regret?”

“Only when I think about it.”

“The most interesting things happen in doorways. At the borders, right along the edges.

Ancient fishermen learned to sail where the warm water met the cold. The little fish would reach the edge of the warm water and they’d stop…and the big fish would come out of the cold water and they’d eat them. And the fishermen, well, they caught everybody.”


Not one particle of you has changed, Robert.”

Robert: “Come on, don’t do this, Sienna, don’t. You’ll be murdering innocents.”

Sienna: “Yes, people will die, a lot of them, but the crisis will be averted.

It’s what nature demands.The problem won’t just be slowed down, it’ll be solved. Permanently.”

“Killing billions to save lives? That’s the logic of tyrants.”

“For a greater good, humanity…”

“Genius does not come with extra rights.”

“No, it comes with the responsibility to take action when others won’t.”

“You wanna do something? Fine. Then scream at the top of your lungs and invent and lead!”

“If you love humanity, if you love this planet, you’d do anything to save it.”

“The greatest sins in human history…have been committed in the name of love. No one will look on this act and call it love.”

Inferno – 2016


میاں بیوی چوری کے موضوع پر گفتگو کر رہے تھے۔

شوہر : جو چوری کرتا ہے ، بعد میں اس پر ضرور پچھتاتا ہے۔

بیوی (رومینٹک موڈ میں) : اور آپ نے جو شادی سے پہلے میری نیندیں چُرائیں ، اُن کے بارے میں کیا خیال ہے؟

شوہر : کہہ تو رہا ہوں  ، بعد میں ضرور پچھتاتا ہے۔


Beautiful Pakistan – Ata Abad Lake